Hi folks, I had to share this under "Just For Laughs." I had my defacography today. Yes, it's exactly the way it sounds. I was given a gel enema that I had to hold for twenty minutes while the MRI machine pounded like something out of a science fiction movie. My tech was a soft talker and I could barely make out his requests. Basically, after the twenty minutes of being as still as possible, I figured out that he wanted me to PUSH OUT THE GEL. Yes, I had to poop on the slab while lying prostrate. We all know this is the most natural position to poop, no? Confused And I couldn't leave until I pushed all the gel out. I wanted to say, "If I could push it all out, I wouldn't be here!" Nice guy, played classical music through the headphones. Like Pavlov's dog, I suspect I will need to defacate whenever I hear Vivaldi. My husband said it sounded like a seven year old was asked to create a medical test and said, "I wanna make a person poop on a table!" Arrgghh!! You gotta laugh at this stuff, it's so ridiculous. Thanks for listening...
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Whaaaat?! My understanding is that the test is supposed to be done while sitting on a commode, not laying down, so it is representative of normal, natural function, and utilizing gravity. Plus, never heard of MRI for this, just fluoroscopic x-ray. I guess the MRI is a new thing. I would be interested in hearing how it is better. I know it would be much more expensive...

Hope it gives you useful information!

Jan Smiler
Jan, that's what I thought, too. After I joked about how humiliating this test was, even after i thought all my modesty had flown out the window with this disease, he said that this way was considered more private because id be alone in the room. He told me I could bend my knees to get a good push, but the machine only let me bend them slightly. I would rather have had a room full of people staring at me, as long as I could have sat, bent forward, lifted my knees and done everything I usually do to evacuate. This was almost cruel. Roll Eyes
OMG! If I ever have this problem, I will ask exactly how the test is conducted before I agree to have it done. I would have a difficult problem defecating in any position but lying prone on an Xray table? I don't think so.
I agree, checking ahead is a good idea. Not sure why I even agreed to the test because I really do have good control and function, I just know it. I couldn't leave until I was done pushing that last tiny dot of gel out. I was pushing so hard and nothing was happening and I knew it was because of my lying down. So frustrating. That's when I felt the tears and I thought, "No, I am not crying. I'm not the one being unreasonable here!"
Holy crap, literally! Eeker What an absolute nightmare. You're right, it does sound like a cruel kid thought it up.

Amazing what new things they can think up to torture us! As if it wasn't bad enough.
At 8, when I still had a colon, they made me sit on a potty (yes, a plastic kiddie potty) on the x-ray table and pop out all of the barium that they had pushed up me...I was mortified, humiliated and in tears the whole time.
I can imagine your horrors...
Thank goodness that you are so strong
What a messy test! I had something similar with 4 people were in the room. They pumped something that felt like the slime in Ghost Busters into my pouch and left the hose in during the x-rays. They had me move in various positions why they took x-rays. The cleanup was bad. I told the techs they should have told me to plan on showering after instead of before the test.

How did you clean up afterwards? It sounds more disgusting than my clean up was. I'm sexist in this case as I think they should have female techs for women taking these messy poop tests.

You are right the Marquis did invent tests like these.
Sharon, although your upright position was more natural, I'm sure it was mortifying (all of this is mortifying!) Yes, TE Marie, it was very messy. They gave me brown paper towels to clean up. Really? I told them they need to have scented baby wipes available although, you're right, a shower would have been indicated. Then when I took my gown off to throw in the hamper, I must have accidentally swiped it on the wall because I had to clean that up, too. Just when I didn't think it could get any worse. I'm sorry people were in there with you for your test. I can honestly say, being alone is no picnic either. I didn't hear my tech's voice through the earphones for at least 20 minutes. I started to panic that he had a heart attack or something at the controls and that I would be in that MRI machine forever until someone came and found me. BTW, my surgeon said there was mild pelvic dysfunction, nothing beyond normal limits. He also said that the techs told him that I must have a stricture because I couldn't push all of the gel out. He laughed and said he knows I don't because he just examined me. Had I been more nervy, I would have asked him why the hell I had to have that test. Inconclusive results and results he poo pooed.

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