hi well i looked up where i ordered and got my best deal on florastor..and found it was on cosco.com..2 bottles of 250 m. 50 caps each for 58.99..catch is you need to be a cosco member...

i just so happen to get it this past month because my husband and i wanted to have big savings on anflatscreen t-v but have other folks tell me about all the savings shopping at cosco..

however one does not need to have shop near by because many things like the florastor i found on line and ordered that way with my member number ..anyone can get..for 55 dollars a year you save big on all kinds of things

but anyway,i knew i got a good price but could not remember where..it cost about 29.99 per bottle

however if you just look up florastor on line you can get it for about 34 or 36 dollars a bottle of 250m 50 caps if you cannot find in local stores..

hope this helps you allycat and anyone else searching for it...

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woops correction or clarification... the 58.99at cosco is two bottles for that amount thus each about 29 dollars each bottle i said it wrong in last e-mail..after ordering just the florastor for a year you easily make back the 55 dollar embership..besides getting other great buys at cosco..

who knew??everyone has been telling me about cosco..took me a while to get it!!!
yes i do..thats what you get for writing to late at night..costco is what i am talking about for florastor two bottles for 58 99.thus one bottle 29 dollars each..

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