Hey everyone. I've read the archives (what I could) about the different types of arthritis that can be associated with IBD. Fun stuff. I'm 18 months out and it hasn't been easy: months of cuffitis followed by pouchitis and now joint pain. Started in my right knee, got x-rayed, some osteo was normal for my age (64) but why so much pain and swelling? Took two shots of cortisone to settle it down.

Then my right shoulder started to feel like it had impingement syndrome, got an MRI and same weak diagnosis--some osteo and a small spur (normal), but why so much pain? A shot of cortisone did nothing and the orthopedic said, "Sorry, no more. Go see a rheumy." That is easier said than done. My appointment isn't until January and from what I hear, it's not unusual to take up to a year for first visits.

So what am I do as this pain continues and in fact, has spread to both wrists, both knees and both shoulders? My orthopedic gave me a month of Celebrex, which won't last long and only cuts the pain and inflammation by about half. I also think it's causing pouchitis so my GI put me on Xifaxan (yay, more to deal with).  

Anyone been here? What do you do?

I asked my family doc, my GI and my orthopedic surgeon to all call the rheumy clinic on my behalf and get me into an earlier appt. None of them gave me much confidence that'll make much difference. So seriously, what do I do about increasing pain and stiffness waiting for a rheumy appointment? Should I try tumeric or any other supplement? It hurts typing this!

Thanks all. 

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