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I use two 4x4’s (the cotton style, not the thin gauze style) folded into a thick square and mediocre tape. Some people use breast feeding pads, tissues, sanitary pads cut to size, Ampatch’s, etc. It depends on how much mucous they experience. I’m a creature of habit. I’ve used the 4x4’s for 38 years.

I use mini kleenex (pre-folded then I fold them in 2) and a 1/2 mini-pad stuck to the inside of my underclothes...I hate tape on my skin because I get very irritated so this works for me...I also have a lot of damp output so I just change the kleenex as needed and only change the minipad if required.

It is cheap, easily available and works for me...but I have noticed that American kleenex are made of a much more degradable cellulose and degrade quicker than the European ones...sort of melt to your skin...So you could use paper towel instead.


Lauren  Are you considering getting a k pouch?  I agree with others it depends upon the amount of mucus output. I use the breast pad because I have lots of output. Sharon, you are correct about the difference in tissue quality. I haven’t found any US product that doesn’t disintegrate, at least with my output. Hope all of you are well, both physically and mentally. Tough times. Jan

I was using a regular type 2 x 3 inch band aid with a folded up paper towel. But since I have to empty the pouch so much pulling off a band aid that much is a bit much. Also I've use just the folded paper towels taped on, etc. Same issue with the tape. But I now use a 1/2 pad (sanitary napkin) stuck to my undies to contain any leakage. I use to cut the pad into 3 sections but I am now cutting it in half. I searched for stoma coverings and came across a discussion about stoma coverings - 'Stoma covering?' in 2012 on this forum. One person mentioned a product called AMPATCH. I emailed them requesting samples and Chris send me a number of samples.

This is the address for stoma covering it might give you more ideas:

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