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I have a pad to cover my stoma. I cut it in half (I use to cut it in threes) It's a sanitary napkin (SN) the kind that sticks to your underwear (without the wings) that I put in front of the stoma stuck to my underwear. Than I put a folded paper towel in front of that and when I empty my pouch I'd throw away the paper towel. The discharge goes from slightly mucoid to thicker depending on my post nasal drip (PND). I have chronic PND and it gets worse depending on the weather. Since the paper towel absorbs most of the discharge I only change the SN once a day.

I have never seen blood on the paper towel but occasionally after I'm finished emptying my pouch and I wipe off the area and stoma there maybe a pin size amt of blood. I assume it's because when I inserted the catheter I must've done something to the area/skin around the stoma that caused that.

I think the amount of discharge maybe a subjective thing. I think the discharge I have is slight to more depending on the PND. I watch it to be sure it's not more that the amount I usually see. I adjust things as needed. i.e. when I cut the pad into threes I changed the pad more. I don't remember how often back then, sorry.

When I used a bandaid I change it every time. But then I got tired of alway pulling off a bandaid. That was slightly annoying so I only use a bandaid very rarely.

I hope this helps.

It's usually a watery consistency. Sometimes in the morning it's been thicker probably because I'm not drinking while I sleep. I've been told by Dr to drink 10 to 12 cups liquid per day so It flows. I drink mostly tap water since it's just easier. I suppose if I eat more fibrous foods it would be thicker all the time. But I have never seen solid pieces if that's what you mean.

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