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IT IS THAT TIME OF YEAR FOR ME. I had the extensive blood tests this morning and next week the CT Scan followed by the session with the cancer doc. I had my pouch scopped recently and it was fine. I just hit seven yeaqrs since my colon went bye bye due to early stage CC and while I had a lot of anxiety all the time at first, fear of illness and death I guess, now all the fear is stuffed into this time of year until I hear the doc say "you are fine". Can migrated CC hide out someplace and come back after this long or is the five years they talk about really a "you are cured" mark? CC runs in my family and the individuals I know who had it treated early are still above the sod. My own father refused to see a doctor when the symptoms showed up back in the 1960s, "Only hemmoroids", he said and he didn't make it. I don't drinlk or I would be doing that for this three weeks. I live a healthy lifestyle and all. Is there a time when we know CC is gone for good?
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I'm assuming you're now, and will continue to be, one of those above the sod.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a crystal ball and know once-and-for-all if that cancer was truly gone forever? Since you don't have that, I think you'll just have to believe that it's so.

Now go out and have a bit of fun and celebrate 7 years of cancer freedom! And congratulations!

kathy Big Grin
I think you should celebrate also. My mom had CC diagnosed 17 years ago with 2 lymph nodes involved and a highly aggressive type of cancer. She is alive and well today after having the tumor and part of her colon removed (no UC as that is on dad's side) and will be celebrating her 70th birthday this week. God bless and here is to continued good health.
I guess I am sort of the buzz kill here, but I think once you have the diagnosis, you never are truly "free." Sure, the docs will tell you that once you pass a certain number of years without any signs of cancer, you can relax, but you still will need to continue to monitor indefinitely, as we all do.

You can consider yourself cured, but still be vigilant.

Jan Smiler

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