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Thought this would be useful to share.

I was getting side effects from cipro and metronidazole stopped working.  My gastro doctor then suggested a bunch of difficult options, such as specific carbohydrate diet and enimas, which are a ‘no’ from me.  We’re also trying the probiotics, but I cant get VSL#3 in my country.

I went to my normal physician and asked his opinion.  He suggested trying doxycycline as a safer drug.  He put me on 50mg three times a day.  It actually worked for me.  The only catch is that it doesn’t seem to be putting it into remission, but I’m glad I have an alternate option to at least buy me time.

anyone else try doxycycline?  Also, another one that seems to help is erithromicin.  I only found that out because a pharmacist gave me the wrong medicine by accident.  However, doxycycline helps me more.

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