My doctor's nurse just called to tell me that my wbc is 16000 and my platelets are 64. The nurse wants me to get my urine checked. I do not feel like I have the signs of a urinary tract infection. I have had bad rectal pain for weeks, and have had 2 rectal abscesses, one last june, one in december. I also have had a number of abdominal abscesses. I have been on daily antibiotics, xifaxin for 3 months.

I have an MRI scheduled for Tuesday afternoon. My husband is insisting I go to the ER and force them to do the MRI now. I hate to be an alarmist. What do I do?
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I vote with your husband. Better to be safe than sorry. AND you surely don't want to end up in the ER over the weekend, cause you don't get the "real" docs then. If you go now or tomorrow morning.. you will end up with good docs taking care of you and/or your regular docs will be reachable for sure. Hubby wins this one. Take care of yourself.
I would be more worried about your low platelets. They are not critically low, but still waaaaay lower than normal.

It is easy enough to rule out the UTI with the urine test.

Do what is asked of you, but I don't see the need for an emergency MRI.

Jan Smiler

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