Hi everyone,

Thanks in advance for any insight from folks who have tried SCD. 

Long history as short as possible. I had emergency colectomy/j-pouch for UC in 2003. In 2009, I started to have perianal crohn's symptoms (fistulas/fissures) and was put on Remicade. For 6 years, disease was well controlled and I was even able to take out my one seton for a few years. Developed optic neuritis so had to stop Remicade (coincided with first pregnancy). Had baby in 2015. Ever since then, it has been a struggle. Currently on Entyvio. 

My pouch always looks fine on endoscopy but fistula drainage is problematic and I have watery and increased BMs with lots of waking at night. I'm looking at a pouch flap/advancement surgery and feeling frustrated and not very hopeful it will work. I have tried paleo and whole 30.

I am on the intro to SCD and wondering what can I reasonably expect? Has anyone had success with this and what did your baseline look like? It seems like you need to go very slow on this diet to be successful but I'm afraid I'll be eating nothing but carrots and chicken for the rest of my life if I use loose stools as a criteria for moving forward. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.

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