What should I use at night for an undergarment?

So, recently I have had to start needing to use some sort of pad at night.  I make it a point to eat an early dinner and never snack in the evening; I am just saying this because I figure someone will advise me to do what I am already doing.  I have used Always Discreet Underwear and Depend Fit-Flex Underwear for Women.  These help some, but what is happening is that the padded area in the back does not go up high enough to catch everything, so I end up with my pajama bottoms and my sheet getting feces on them anyway, and the tail of my p.j. shirt and mattress cover as well at times.  Can anyone suggest a different product?  I have washed everything I have listed three times in three days, and I really need to try something new.

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First, if it is a new occurrence to be leaking at night, I'd look into whether or not you have pouchitis. Leaking at night is one of my major indicators that pouchitis is occurring. If you've proven that is not an issue or still need extra protection, I don't have any real answers except to try putting a moisture protection pad under you while you sleep. I used one for several months after my j-pouch reconstruction surgery and it helped save washing my sheets daily.  As for garments, my Mom wears the Depends for Men and swears they work better for her than the women's. Just a thought.

I'm sorry you're going through this and wish I had better answers for you

I can try the Depends for Men.   I thought that might be an idea and have a new package of the ones for women to return anyway.  As far as pouchitis, I don't have any of the other symptoms, but I see the doctor in two weeks, so I'll see what she says. 

You don’t need to have the other symptoms for there to be some inflammation. That is how it starts. Nighttime incontinence. The other bad stuff comes later when it doesn’t get treated. That is what usually happens - Pouchitis gets out of hand when initial warning signs get ignored. It’s a huge red flag and if it doesn’t get better in the next 2 weeks it should be strongly suspected.

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