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During my surgical journey was the debate of getting a jpouch or permanent illeostomy.this played on my mind alot as two members of my extended family have the bag but I don't know anyone with a jpouch.

After going through 13 months with the bag and 2 months with the jpouch I can't understand those that never gave the jpouch a try and went straight for a permanent ileostomy.I remember one guy saying he had done his research and decided on the permanent ileostomy and barbie butt.And others agreeing with him and saying they would rather change their bag than their pants.Event though many times I had to change my bag and my pants and would rather just change my pants even though I don't have trouble holding on.

It is strange that you can decide what you think is best when specialists probably know better.and you can choose what many would say is a mistake?

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@Kmiller posted:

I suppose for some people they just want it over and done and don't mind the bag. For me, I had to try the j pouch and am glad I did. Still some issues 10 months in, but I will get there. To go to the ostomy with no going back, definitely not for me.

I agree. I am very happy I tried the pouch as well. I would have had regrets had I never tried the pouch, I am still happy with her too

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