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Because of condition I have I must eat lots of fiber.  I love fruit but most fruits the fiber is in the skin, is there any skin we are able to eat on fruits that will not give  us blockage with a j pouch.  As far as vegetables I eat broccoli and since zucchini has lots of water it helps me to move my bowels, its fruit I want to eat, but must peel skin off, which has most fiber, Any suggestions.  Thank you so much.

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Mikeey, you could try fresh strawberries and raspberries. They do not have skins  but both are high in fibre. You won't have to worry about blockage from the skins, and you'll get lots of gentle fibre. You could mix these two fruits with a sliced banana and that would be a great fresh fruit salad for breakfast. Maybe topped over a bowl of steel cut oatmeal.

I eat apples, Fuji's which are juicy, and the large golden gooseberries from Colombia which are tart in taste, but I like that. I eat those fruits whole and don't have any problems. I also like mangoes and while they do need to be skinned, they are a fibrous fruit.

Although I like strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries, I am really fickle on the taste and consistency. Once any of these berries lose firmness and get mushy, they suck, and if I taste the slightest mushiness in the berry, I will almost reflexively spit it out. I also find blackberries, even if reasonably firm, to be very hit and miss in taste. Ripe ones in season can be delicious, but someone left a package of blackberries in my office refrigerator and I tried one and it was the most tasteless thing.

Finally grapes. The ones I like are called Thomcord grapes, they are a hybrid of Thompson and Concord and you can get them at Trader Joe's. Very good and skins can be eaten. I can eat them anyway. All of this stuff is very individual as to what you can eat. What is easily digestible for me or the next person might not be for you. Trial and error is the rule with almost everything you put in your mouth.

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CT Barrister- I do eat blueberry every day and love them, never tried strawbery or blackberrys , want to try blackberrys to see if they might help, I will try fuji's apples, I do love apples. I felt pea rs really seemed to help but peel the skin off, most pears you must keep out a few days before eating them, they are so hard, wish I knew what pears I could just buy and eat same day, do you know of any?

Thank you so much for your wonderful help

You might want to try Asian pears. They are very expensive but juicy and delicious. You can get them at farmer's markets and places like Whole Foods and Fresh Market, higher end grocery stores. Their skins are not as coarse as Bosch pears which are like a potato skin.

As far as blackberries like I said it's the most hit and miss fruit there is, possibly excepting cantaloupe, which you can never tell if it's any good until you open it and eat it, and anyone telling you other wise be telling witch's tales. Blackberries are great when ripe, but they seem to have a narrow window of being ripe and tasty or completely tasteless and gross. Strawberries are a hardier berry. Blueberries can get mushy and suck when mushy. I don't do mushy berries.

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I do not really hear too much about people getting a blockage in their J-pouch from skins of fruit to be honest, but just because I have not heard about it, definitely does not mean it does not happen; I hear that more in ostomates to be honest. A good trick at preventing blockages is to: chew chew chew and to drink water: before, during, and after every meal and definitely take your time eating; if you do those things, you should hopefully be fine with your pouchy

I don’t have a JPouch yet, but with my ostomy- I ate all sorts of fruits- even apples with skin on them - and luckily I never had a problem.  I would peel an apple to be safe tho, and I would start out very slowly.  Berries seem pretty safe.  Mellons are great.  I have not heard of many problems.  I only had a problem once when I ate 10 raw carrots.  

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