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Some pills I crush and others usually do fine in me if they are not gastro-resistant but I try to avoid crushing my NSAIDs (I am taking high doses of Naproxin daily and fear that if I crush them they will burn right through my stomach).

I went back on Robaxin (or something like that) at night for the severe sacroiliac pain and aggravated pain from the fall I took 2 weeks ago.

This last week I started to notice lots of undigested pills coming through...more that the amount that I normally take in a day...meaning that I have quite a few undisolved pills  sleeping at the bottom or my pouch.

That might explain why the meds are not doing their job.

What do you do? If I can't crush them can I take them with a hot drink? Would it help to dissolve them? Any other suggestions?

I have been doing a lot of pilates lately and am wondering if the upside positions that I am putting myself in isn't kind of jiggling them loose so that they are coming out more readily too???

Now I am worrying about accidental overdose as well....I have an ultrasound & MRI next week...would they be able to see the pills (if there are any left) in there?



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I recall reading in a post that you can determine if a pill will dissolve in your stomach by putting it in a glass with water and vinegar (don’t recall the portion of each) and observing whether it dissolves.  You could also ask your pharmacist about dissolvability of specific pills.  The pharmacist should also advise if Naproxin can be safely crushed before use.  I would suspect that this medication should be taken with food instead of on an empty stomach Can you identify any of the pills that are coming out?


Anything enteric coated/delayed release will come out of me undigested. I'm sure you're in a similar boat. Like Allegra D came out fully intact, name still imprinted on it!  Enteric iron, too.  I never crush pills.

I concur; ask your pharmacist for some guidance. Also, some meds *do* have liquid equivalents if you're worried about digestion. Could ask about that, if concerned, see what exists in that kind of equivalent.
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I don't take any coated pills if  can avoid them (my tegretol for example) and I bite into the naproxin to cut it in half (kind of opens it up a bit) but the robaxin seems to slide right through me (I take it at night just after dinner so there should be enough solids in there for it to digest should there be?)

I take most vitamins in the morning on an empty stomach with my coffee and juice..maybe not enough digestive time for multivitamins and cal/D are both chewables so it is probably only the robaxin and some vitamins...I am concerned about the robaxin which is a rather strong NSAID...sitting in the pouch for days...could it cause ulcers or pouch iritation? Do I need to switch out to something else? It seems to be the only thing that helps with the pain.

Last night (pain so bad I was rolling on the sofa in tears) I took a rather strong injectable pain med sublingually (doctor's suggestion) and it worked wonders but it is way up there in strength and I do  not want to be taking it nightly. Fear of addiction is stronger than fear of pain.

Do they have NSAIDs in a safe liquid form in the US? It is not available here.


Motrin has a liquid equivalent. Many NSAIDS have gel caps (naproxen, diclofenac).

Robaxin is NOT an NSAID. It's a muscle relaxant.  Not sure where you got that it's an NSAID. It's a skeletal muscle relaxant. We give it to certain spinal cord injured patients that suffer with spasms to help relax the muscles.

Dependence vs addiction. If you're in pain and need it, use the pain meds. Anyone on opiates for a time can become physically dependent on them. "Addiction" is something completely different. Addicts take meds inappropriately, or steal meds, etc. if you take your opiates as prescribed, for real issues, yes you will develop a physical dependence to them. But that isn't addiction.
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I would definitely discuss your concern about these two medications and pain control with your doctor and pharmacist.  They could advise you if the Robaxin could be crushed and taken with food.  After I was hit by a car while crossing the street, I had the same kind of nighttime pain and could not find a comfortable position lying down.  By chance, I found a used recliner chair at a resale shop and was able to get a reasonably good night’s sleep on it.  I suspect that the trick is to find a position that gets the strain off the affected part of your back.

I take Robaxin daily, at bedtime, and on an empty stomach. It is a scored tablet, so it can be broken, crushed. In my opinion, it is not very strong; about the same as Flexeril. It does nothing to address inflammatory pain. I would suspect it is the vitamins that are not dissolving for you.


Exactly what is the injectable pain med you took sublingually? There are many injectables.


Currently, I am in a flare and am taking Relafen (NSAID) for a couple of weeks to hopefully turn things around. It is important to reduce activity to not aggravate the situation, but still keep moving and stretching gently. We just got back from a vacation with a lot of hiking on steep trails, so I must have strained my Achilles tendons and now I need to address it. Sharon, you do some pretty extreme stuff, so you may need to dial it back until things calm down.


When my low back is acting up, I need to use pillow supports in bed for my lumbar region. You can't do it all with medications, sad to say...


Good luck and I hope this turns around soon!



Jan, the injectable stuff is called Acupan (generic name Néfopam ) and the doctor said that it could be taken sublingually (pharmacist confirms it...I find it weird but it does work and I am loath to be injecting any pain med into me at this stage of my life)...I only use it when things are nightmareish...

The Robaxin is a bi-coloured long, oval pill from the Canadian Costco (their own label brand) and it is Ibprophene + methocarbonal (sorry about the spelling but I can't find my glasses!) so it does contain nsaids...they compare it to Robaxin, not me...that is the only name that I know for it.

I think that it is the blue side that is not dissolving or at least not when I want it to.

I am back at work full time as of Oct 1st and my schedule is, as usual, blindingly crazy...full days in class til 9pm, climbing hills with backpacks and purse, running from subway to train to school etc...I do not have a lifestyle that supports my disease...but I have put my home on the market...hoping to sell soon so that I can move closer to public transportation. Hubby finally agrees...we have to. (amazing what a triple ankle fracture can do to a person's perception of life and lifestyle)...I just need to hang in there until we sell (oh, the packing!)...For now he has hired a cleaning lady to help me out. (agian, once you have suffered you develop compassion!)

Bill, my bed and sofa look like a pillow-fest...I have oblong bead pillows, grain pillows and feather or foam...About 15 in all...I use them in the small of my back, under my hips, and legs etc and at night I have a huge, heavy body pillow that I wrap the top half of my body around when on my side or place under my knees...they all help but without the meds nothing does any good at all.

Rachel, thanks for the clarification...somehow I feel better about it...knowing the difference makes...Well, a difference in the way I will look at the medication...

Tomorrow I do my bloodwork and especially tegretol dosage for absorbtion, Fri all of the radiology tests (threw my mamo in there too for luck!) and next week the contrast study for my pouch (my 3 month post-op follow 10 months!).

Can they see the details of the pouch with an IRM?

I am trying hard to get it all done before I am back to school full-time...but all that I really want is a very loooong nap. (pain-free!)

I do find that if my pouch is totally empty I suffer less and sleep better so I may just go back to a liquid diet...I cannot function normally anymore otherwise.



OK, what you are taking is a combination drug. Robaxin is just methocarbinol. You are taking methocarbinol with ibuprofen, the equivalent of brand name Robax Platinum-

It is not time release or coated, so you should be fine to break or crush it. But ask your pharmacist to be sure. But, why not just take them separately, then you don't have such a big pill to swallow? You can get methocarbinol as a cheap generic, so I see no point in the fancy pill. Plus, you really should not be combining NSAIDs (like naproxin AND ibuprofen). It is a recipe for disaster...


I looked up the Acupan and it is a non-opioid analgesic commonly used in Europe. Mostly it is prescribed as oral pills. One thing you need to ask your doctor about is the fact that it is contraindicated in those with convulsive disorders (didn't you say you had epilepsy?).


If you cannot adjust your lifestyle, you have to adjust your attitude, which I guess you already have! My husband and I retired as soon as we could because we decided that our health and happiness was more important than money. But, we were lucky and saved for decades in order to do it. I have accepted that I cannot do what I used to do, but I do try to do as much as I am capable of.



Thanks Jan,

I take the Naproxin in the morning and the Robax at night (about 16hrs apart)...I cannot get the methocarbinol seperately here but buy it OTC back home from Costco (so much cheaper than meds here!)...They only give me the Acupan...So that is what I am stuck with.

I keep my GP appraised of what OTC meds I am taking and although he is terrified of me being on NSAIDs at such high doses he can't argue with the rhumatologist who prescribes them.

They only offer me opiates as an alternative to what I am taking and as previously mentioned they slow my digestive tract and pouch to a crawl.

The counterindication means that I should not be driving or operating and moving vehicles (makes me sleepy & a bit woosy too)...I only operate pens and computers!

I cannot adjust my lifestyle because I am a self-employed contract worker (they give me contracts for each class but I am not an salaried employee of any of the schools) so I have 0 social protection. No unemployement, no sick leave, no medical or retirement is all out of pocket for me...I cannot afford to stop working.

Hubby just re-signed (at almost 69) an open-ended part-time contract (min 3yrs)...he is salaried and thus gets both basic healthcare and pays 50% off his supplementary health care (if I lose my job then I would be covered under his contracts as well)...considering his recent accidents I think that it is miraculous that they are taking him back...I am still paying my medical bills from 2007-today... and haven't recovered financially yet.

My lifestyle is better suited to a 24yr old skydiver! 

I have learned to slow down a bit...Do yoga and pilates instead of running stairs & hills (ouch) but my tendons and S.I. still hate me. The chiro has me wearing a backpack instead of a purse + attaché case (so I am not lopsided when climbing the stairs which caused the 1st flare) but the weight puts extra pressure on the lower back and knees.

Life should improve once we sell...if I survive to then

I will ask about crushing the pills tomorrow and see what they say...




Robaxin is prescription only in the US. It should be available in France. If not, there is Flexeril (cyclobenzparine), which is another very common muscle relaxant That should be available in France.


I am not sure you are taking high doses of NSAIDs if you are taking each one only once a day. Still, naproxin is long acting and taking two types does have a cummulative effect as far as side effects go (GI and cardiac effects). So, just be prepared to stop them immediately if necessary.


I understand you have to do what you need to get by. It is easy to say, "Change your doctors if they can't give you what you want, and change everything about your life," but the reality of the dilema is often not simple to resolve. 




I take 440mg of naporxin every morning (down from 1000mg/ morning and night in May) and 2 Robaxin at major dizziness or nausea.

They used to prescribe Myolastaine (sp?) as a muscle relaxant for back pain but it has been declassified as not effective enough and taken off the market, so has the other go-to pain med, Di-antalvic (dextropropoxyphene)  for the same reason...we are running low on options here.


I will know more after the MRI...maybe it is time to try biologics and move forward to the next phase...for some reason they do not want to use them here...they are not popular at all with the rhumatologist...they prefer PT and narcotics...but neither are effective on me. 

Jan, Do you think that this is IBD related? Autoimmune? Pouch? or so much abdominal surgery that I am just one big ball of inflamation? I want an answer and a treatment. Going nuts.

By the way, I stopped the vitamins for 2 days and there were fewer pills coming out whole but I am still retirieving the blue side of the Robaxin (TMI?) I may have my response...need to start crushing.

Hubby is at least keeping his sense of humour...he limps on one side and I do on the other...we make a good pair. (and are sharing crutches!)




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Sharon, your guess is as good as mine. You have such a complicated history I could not begin to advise you. I am not even sure you had a clear UC diagnosis. Biologics are certainly not a panacea. They are outrageously expensive and may only provide partial relief. NSAIDs are a primary treatment, as long as you tolerate them, but there really isn't anything in between them and the biologics, except for methotrexate. Prednisone can be useful in the short term, but it is not a ling term management option. If you have specific joints that are flaring, cortisone joint injections may help. I do use small doses of opiates regularly, but they do not treat the underlying problem. I have never found PT or acupuncture helpful, and I kept a very open mind.


A good night's sleep does more for me than anything else. Putting a thick memory foam topper on my mattress made a HUGE difference.



Thanks Jan,

I have the memory foam mattress...Bought it last year on your helps but there is only so much that it can do.

I had a clear 'IBD' diagnosis but they never went further than that...they just kept calling it gastrointeritis...hospitalized at least 6 or 7 times for it over 4 yrs.

My Rhumy hates cortisone shots...Says that they destroy the joint in the long run and that I have enough problems as it is.

I was on cortisone as a kid...from around age 9-12...I have had a natural fear of it ever since.

I guess I am hoping for a clear cut diagnosis/treatment/cure and that is not going to happen.

The problem is that I have no idea how to live the rest of my life in this condition.

I can't get up out of bed in the morning, turn over, put on socks etc...

I am too young to become house/bed-bound. I alread did that in my teens...I thought that I would have some good years left  once my pouch got I am looking at mind-blowing chronic pain or dependance on narcotics...neither is a pretty picture.

I hate this!!!!!!



I think your best bet is to return to your rheumatologist and have one of those "come to Jesus" discussions about how much this is impacting your life and how you need a viable plan to improve your function. Put biologics on the table for discussion. I think you have done your due dilligence as far as trying all the cheap and easy solutions. Also, keep in mind that it can take up to 3 months to see the full effect of biologics, AND you you very likely will still need pain medications. This is the case for me, and something I have just had to accept.



I have my ultrasound and MRI tomrrow and then I go to see the Rhumy with the results...not sure quite what to pray for. 

I saw the PT and the Etheopath (sort of like a Chiro that crossed with an osteopath)...the PT did absolutely nothing but the Etheopath helped a bit...he cracked in the left side of the sacroiliac but after about 6 tries and as many 'drops' he gave up on the right side (the one that hurts the most)...apparently my left fibula was partially dislocated from the fall and may patella was 'floating' (????) along with my right he pushed and yanked it all back into place. Lots of screaming (on his part!).

He worked on me for a full hour and will see me again in a week or two...until then more pain meds and gentle walking (bedrest hurts!).




Just got back from the radiology lab.

Pelvic ultrasound clean (my mamo too).

The MRI was both useless, informative and hysterically funny.

He did a pelvic MRI...found bursitis in the left sacroiliac joint (didn't know that you could get bursitis there) and a smaller inflamation in the right. (he said that it is common). That both hip joints were clean without any arthritis. 

No inflamation of the sciatic nerve as far as he could see.

I asked him about the lombard vertabrae...he told me that the perscription order did not mention it so they did not look and that I would need another MRI for I asked if you could not visualize them in the pelvic one??? They are right there, aren't they?

Yup, they are right there. 

He looked (and wasn't happy about it) and low 'n disk left in the 4th-5th lombar space and the ones immediately above and below it don't look so hot either.

Could that be causing the pain? He guesses that it is possible especially if the sciatic nerve is peeking out the sides of one of them and they are twisted sideways (thank you scoliosis)...Well, yes, he agreed but was rather jumpy...

Then he showed me the abdomnial cavity...he was rather nervous...and finally told me that I had a huge tumour in my abdomen!

I explained to him what an abdomnial continent ileostomy is and he stopped sweating and shaking!

He had never seen one before....the technician had told him that I had a 'colostomy bag following a total colectomy'...I guess that he figured that I carried my colon around in a bag...because he was looking for it and couldn't find it anywhere.


So now I need a lombar MRI and he wants me to do a Cat scan....

To be continued...



In addition to being prone to inflammatory conditions, we are susceptible to the normal wear and tear of age and life on planet Earth. Sad but true, our bodies are not designed to sustain daily wear without effect. 


Of course, knowing you have degenerative disc disease does not make it better, but at least you have an answer!



So what do I do for it or about it?

Are NSAIDs for life my only option? Am I condemned to living like this forever (cannot fathom that at all) the world of pharmacology isn't there something out there that will help? 

Can't they fix the discs? Inject them with some sort of sillicone gel? 

The diagnosis is nice (not) but what are my treatment options?

I wake up in the morning in so much pain that I cannot even turn over to get takes thought and concentration and effort...Same when I am sitting on the sofa for more than 5 do I live like this? It has been 2 full years. NO relief in site.

I am too bloody proactive to keep getting worse without putting up a fight...what are my tools? 


From what I have read, Discogel is a novel approach that is minimally invasive. Since it involves injecting directly into the disc, it cannot be said to be non-invasive. If your disc is so degenerated as to be calcified, they can't use it.!po=28.1250


Other than that , there is ozone injections, which have been around longer, but still not widely used. Of course, there is always laminectomy or spinal fusion. There have been some work with artificial replacement discs with mixed results.


But, before you get there, you need a detailed diagnosis, and first steps are PT, then epidural steroid injections. Those are quite common and safe. They do not work for all, but usually you have to fail common treatments before being accepted into experimentals.


Good luck with this. Knowing what you are dealing with is half the battle!




There is a human trial for discogel here in Paris that opened this year.  I called the the nurse responsible for recruitment and she agreed that I 'may' be a 'possible' candidate for the study. I read her my results from Friday's MRI...she asked me to have my GP or rhumy fill out the paperwork online.

I made an appt with my Rhumy. He is the one who first spoke to me about this and its therapeutic possibilities.

He refuses to do steriod shots in the joints expecially the spine...says that even in small doses that cause degeneration.

Hubby thinks that they will refuse my candidature because of all of the other health problems...they like candidates that will skew their results on the positive side...he is probably right so I won't get my hopes up but...

Tried an ice pack yesterday and it helped a I am back on tramadol (can't take it when I am working)...sleeping with a grain pillow under my hips/tummy...a bit better but no relief in site.

Below is the info on the human trial...


Intradiscal Discogel® in Resistant Sciatica (EDIS)

This study is not yet open for participant recruitment. (see Contacts and Locations)
Verified November 2014 by Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Paris
Gelscom SAS
Information provided by (Responsible Party):
Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Paris Identifier:
First received: December 5, 2014
Last updated: December 9, 2014
Last verified: November 2014

Sciatica due to herniated disc is a major cause of disability in young adults. Surgery is the gold-standard and the only controlled treatment in case of failure of conservative treatment.

Percutaneous chemonucleolysis with Discogel® may be a valuable alternative to surgery.

In addition, Discogel® chemonucleolysis appears as a relatively innocuous technique which may avoid 2% complications after disc surgery and 5% repeated surgery (according to recent trials).

This will be the first randomized trial comparing Discogel® chemonucleolysis versus surgery in patients with sciatica due to lumbar disc herniation and unresponsive to conservative medical treatments (including epidural steroid injections) Our expectation is that Discogel® chemonucleolysis will avoid surgery in 80% of the patients.

fficial Title:Non-inferiority Trial of Intradiscal Discogel® Versus Surgery in Sciatica Resistant to Conservative Treatment


Inclusion Criteria:

  • Age ≥18
  • L5 or S1 sciatica due to a herniated disc demonstrated at a MRI performed at a maximum of 8 weeks prior to inclusion
  • Leg pain intensity superior to 40mm on a visual-analogue scale despite pain medication (patient with pain level of less than 40 mm and under morphinic treatment, morphine should be first replaced by level 2 medication).
  • Leg pain predominant over low back pain
  • Duration of sciatica of the current symptomatic episode: from 6 weeks to 40 weeks
  • Leg pain resistant to conservative treatment including at least two epidural steroid injections and at least one steroid injection under fluoroscopic guidance, during the current symptomatic episode
  • With or without sensitive deficit


I am sorry you are in so much pain.  I just wanted to add that I use chewable, dissolvable or gel cap medications, vitamins and supplements whenever possible. I use to have the problem of pills going straight through without dissolving.  Instead of crushing I cut them in half and that worked well.  Many have the score on them but I just took my super duper pill chopper and cut all I could into 2 pieces.


I can't wait to wean off of the Norco pain medication I've been taking for 5 years. As my PCP and I discussed, I am dependent on them so will hopefully soon begin tapering off of them.  Now they just take the edge off of my pain and I can see how people end up taking more of them for pain.  I use the heating pad and ice packs too.


I hope you are feeling better before you start teaching again. 


First off TE,

How are you doing? How is your post op going? Is the bag behaving itself? How is your pain level?

I agree with you about the cutting and chopping up of meds...I have a little white pill killer that chops them in 2 or 8 or crushes them to dust...the dust part scares me with certain meds and I end up vomitting when I do it...things disovle too quickly in my stomach and it does not appreciate it apparently (especially in the morning when I do not eat solids)...I do better now that I have put of most of my meds until lunchtime when I can talke them with food and slow my digestive process.

My pain right now has me sleepless and ready to bang my head against a wall. At 3am I am walking, pulling, stretching, bending and generally like a 6 month-old cutting teeth. The pain is ceaseless and knaws at me non-stop.

I do better in the middle of the day when I am more active and the NSAIDs are kicking in as well as my constant walking or soon as I sit or lay down I feel like I have the world's worse period...that deep in the gut heavy achy pain that disapeared when my periods did...

If I had not had a pelvic echo done last week I would swear that it was something other than just the sacroiliac/ almost feels like the pain I had with salpangitis...

No meds help unless I hit the narcotics and they can only be used on the weekends...can't afford the side effects with my job/lifestyle...

So, dear friend, please heal, send us good news about your new plumbing and keep us up to date on your progress.



Thanks Sharon,

It sounds like you are in too much pain.  I wish the doctors could diagnose you and prescribe something to help.  I'm sure you would do whatever they recommended, like standing on your head, if it sounded reasonable.


I hope you get your house sold and can move closer to your jobs soon.


My new stoma is working well but my skin under the wafer is bad news. I'm seeing a Stoma NP at a local wound care clinic and she has really helped me. She told my husband when I first came in it was like I was missing 2 layers of skin and it was weeping.  I've gone sleepless many nights.  I've gone from twice a week to once a week appointments with her.  


Now I am having problems with the nasty UTI I got in the hospital.  After I finished their antibiotic prescription things were better but less than a week later I was in to my PCP. He prescribed a different antibiotic that I've never had before.  The past 2 days I've felt worse than when I was in the hospital for a week.  I can take pain over nausea any day.  I looked up the side effects and I have about every one of them. So I only took 2 days of a 5 day prescription.  I feel like taking some of my left over Augmentin. They had me on a much larger dose to fight the pneumonia and UTI.  I noticed there is a second ingredient of 125 something.  The 125 is the same on the larger dose so I'm not going to doctor myself.  If that wasn't the case I would just take 3 pills of the old stuff instead of the strength they prescribed. 


I've felt so bad that I've gone almost a week at a time off of the internet. Hopefully I will eventually feel well enough to leave the house for things other than medical related appts.

Sounds like your UTI is out of control...have you tried adding good, old fashioned cranberry juice (blueberry works well too or a combination of both...Sugarfree please).

You can drink it at night before bedtime, it works best that way but anytime of day is better than not at all.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing that I know of that can help your skin through stoma turned to white, pusy, practically necrotic skin under the flange...Every single time...then within weeks it dried out, healed up and all was well.

It takes time.

My dad used to tell me to put a sunlamp or blow dryer on the raw skin to help it heal...a uv lamp does the trick too.

Not sure how your stoma is running but if you can keep it under control for an hour (or 3xs 15mins) put a lamp over it and let it heal. 

They gave me stoma powder that wasn't too least it kept the diaper rash to a minimum.

Don't overdo things, keep your diet thick (go back to mashed potatoes with melted cheese in it) and easy to eat and rest a month you should be up and running around.

On my end, I am back to physio therapy big time, and yes, I am standing on my head (litterally, doing yoga and pilates...head down, butt up in the air to relieve the pressure on the spine) but it is all only a temp fix. I am wondering if this last surgery didn't do something to my insides (could the staples that he put into my abdominal wall be causing some of this pain??)...

Will see the rhumey in a few weeks, my GP tomorrow and I will work from there.

By the way, my pouch seems to like the downward dog position.

Take good care of yourself



I forgot about the cranberry juice, dahhhhh.  Thanks!  I am doing the diet thing ok, except that I've lost 10 lbs this month.  Not to worry I can loose a lot more.  


Sounds like you are doing all you can Sharon.  I hope your doctors can point you in the right direction.  You probably are doing more for your problems than they can suggest.  Sorry but I know what a hard time you have with doctors there.  


Another bad night with 2 bag changes in 4 hours.  So much for trying out the "free" samples sent to me. I'm going to take them all to my stoma NP this week.  Maybe they can help someone else.



Pomegranite juice works too! 

I almost fogot...And it is very astringent too so it does not make things run faster but actually seems to slow things down, kind of like apple juice.

Once the UTI is under control you will start to feel so much better.

How is the skin on the abdomen? Loose or tight (sorry, too personal?) may wish to specify when ordering sample supplies that you are dealing with a specific skin type and ask if they have a special type of flange for you skin.

Doesn't do you any good to have a 'hard body flange' that will pop may need to add a belt for a while until things unswell and settle down.

When they re-did my k pouch they hooked me up to a belt/flange thingy (each time)...My skin was bad enough under the flange...I cannot imagine trying to hold it up with sticky stuff and glue...the belt was the only way to go.

It may even allow you to have a better or more tranquil night's sleep.

Hang in there, I am rooting for you.

On the pain front, I will be asking my rhumy to put my name up to join a medical trial for Discogel (nothing to do with discotechs!...But maybe I will be able to dance if it works!) injectable gel that goes into the intervertabrale discs and plumps them idea if they will take me but at least I can try...back surgery is out for this may be my only chance.

Have a good day


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