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My doctor's office is adamant NEVER to use wipes of any kind (especially baby wipes and stuff with alcohol) yet I find wet toilet paper seems easier on the bum with no other option in a public restroom.  


My thought was preparing some form of soft toilet paper in advance, make it wet in some way with a very safe ointment or liquid of some kind, put in a plastic bag for use in public restrooms without irritating?  Anyone solved this?

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You can't "pre-wet" toilet paper, because it is design to break up when wet (so as to not clog drains and mess up septic systems. If you use something like a soft paper towel (such as Viva), then you cannot flush it.


This may seem weird, but I have resorted to spitting on TP to get that last "clean" wipe when I am feeling irritated. Then you can put your ointment of choice on. Saliva is cleaner than leaving fecal matter behind and does not dry like a baby wipe (which are also mostly not flushable) .



go to any dollar general store if you guys have them there, we do here.


yes the wipes are flushable. i have never clogged any septic tank/toilet using snoopy baby wipes from dollar tree stores. they come in a blue pack and have snoopy drawn on the packaging.


and they dont irritate you bottom at all. yes they make alcohol free baby wipes, you just have to go look for them in stores.


dollar general make sensitive skin baby wipes that dont contain anything in them, just are pre moisetened. those are 1.50 a pack. i have had good results using baby wipes.


i dont feel clean enough as i go to the toilet 8 to 12 times a day if i dont use a baby wipes or two after each bowel movement.  yes stains can come off onto the baby wipe signifying if you using "nothing" you'd still be leaving some fecal matter behind.


just my $.02 worth...



Some very interesting inventive tips.
I agree on some of the wipes that say nothing added.
Sure feels like something has been added.  Like alcohol.
But I have to admit I use them also for the last round of clean at times.  I use the Huggies no scent.
If you have to take some with you on a short trip I take some and put some folded up in a baggie and put  them in my back pocket.  Women can just throw them in a purse if they carry one.
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just a fyi.


i have a trash can in my bathroom and replace the plastic bag as needed. i dump my toilet paper and used baby wipe(s) in the bathrooms trash can.  when out in public, as a man, i dont carry wet wipes with me.  i thoroughly cleanse once home, be it shower again or wash up, depending on the weather and what ive been doing.


to be honest coloned people can clog a toilet real easy and some abuse the privalage of doing so, i dont know how many times of walked into the gent's room only to find the toilet won't flush because too much refuse/tp has stopped up the hole and some people just do not care.



Believe this one about clogged toilets!
I was fixing to be scoped and had to go.... Guess what?
Toilet was clogged with water to the rim and stuff floating around!!  At the GI!  I went back to my waiting room got dressed and left.  I found another gi the next day. 
But you would think especially at the place you are going to be scoped you would not have this disgusting problem.
I didn't say anything.  I just walked out.
This was years ago 20...years.... and only my second scope.  Have had many since with no problem.

This is a very informative post. 
Kinda cool and not too gross... Informative!
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When I traveled in Vietnam it was expected that you would throw used T.P. in the waste paper bucket sitting next to the toilet (if there was a toilet and not just a hole in the ground).  In addition, there was a hose and nozzle adjacent to the toilet.........bidet!!!!!!  In some Vietnamese restaurants in our country I have seen signs which ask those using the toilet to deposit all paper in the adjacent trash receptacle. 

I tried the flushables and flushed them. Our toilet kept backing up. My husband took the toilet off the wax ring. There stuck to the side of the sewer pipe in the floor was one of the flushable wipes. So even though they say flushable, don't. They also had alcohol in them.


i now use Huggins sensitive wipes with no problem, and yes they go in the garbage can.

I sometimes, after using the toilet paper to remove the main amount of dirt, use a small water bottle (half liter) as a "bidet" if you know what it is, it superbly works and if I have a journey it's usually my best choice to feel and be clean.

A second way would be to wet the toilet paper and/or the paper for hands with water, clean as you desire and in the end clean with a dry one (I don't flush it but trash in the nearest trash, as it's quite clean, because before I used the tp).

I usually feel and am very clean and satisfied, as you I don't really like wet wipes as they contain soap in some amount.

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So I don't want to get into the flush debate.  Just passing along some info.  I don't use wipes all of the time, but the ones I like are from the Dollar Shave Club.  They have them in a big pack for home and they have singles that you can put in your pocket.  I will say I could not tell you if they have alcohol sorry.  I like them though for sure.

Saw this post and had to offer another suggestion for cleaning up. My primary technique is TP followed up with baby wipes (without alcohol.) Major messes sometimes require a handheld bidet followed by paper towel to soak up the excess water and mess. If I have significant irritation, I follow up with the best barrier cream I've found, Calmoseptine. But for minor irritations or just to give the TP an "assist," Balneol is really helpful. It's more of a lotion consistency and comes in small bottles and single use packets. The best part is that it works really well to lessen irritation when wiping and somehow cuts down the burning sensation I get sometimes.

I'm curious as everyone is talking of baby wipes. I carry the individually wrapped feminine wipes like summers eve or always pads makes one. Does nobody else use these? I realize women carry purses so we can pack them to brim with "stuff" but a man could carry a couple in his wallet. They are very small packaging and are foil lined so won't get anything in you wallet wet. Just wanted to put it out there. AND these aren't irritating at all to me. Maybe being meant for the girlie places they are gentler.
Originally Posted by Scott F:

Mysticobra, I've noticed a similar effect. If I'm focused on other things I may not even be aware of my pouch for hours, but when I get home it's often really time to deal with it.


Hey Scott...... Ya it is the weidest thing isn't it.
Must be because we focus on work or driving and completely take our minds off it.
Bad this is... Example... I start work at three pm.... I eat my dinner at five thirty pm and that puts it all in motion.  It's like clockwork everyday.  About seven pm I feel the need to go and most times I will hold off as long as I can until I just have to go.  Once I do go tend to leak a bit after that.
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