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Went to the Zen tradeshow to see if I couldn't find something to help with my pain. First stop was a Coreen alternative acupuncturist that uses mini wheels with micro pins & needles that they rolled over my face and brow...apparently the pain in my neck is in my head and the pain in my head is in my for the pain in my is really in my colon. My colon was last seen 5000 miles and 33yrs ago. He told me that he could give me a treament to fix my colon? I said no thank you.
The next stand had a man with a hand-held accu-massager that was supposed to irradicate my hip looked like a porno accessory with a rubber head wearing a red rubber sock covered in nibbies...he massaged my body from top to bottom and then attacked my belly...told me that my chakra was blocked and that it was blocking my colon...told him that I didn't think that my colon was the problem...he told me that 'he was the professional and knew what he was talking about'.
The next stand had an occilating plateform that was supposed to massage my body from bottom nearly shook my pouch off of my wall.
The man with the colloidal silver informed me that he could sanitise my colon and return me to perfect health and the bee-keeper from Austrailia told me that his honey could cure anything...
3 people offered me high colonics and 2 more offered to massage my organs (yuck) from the inside.
I left there with a lighter pocket and a heavier hip...but no less pain and no more Zen...
Apparently the colon is the direction to Zenitude...
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Ha! Sounds more like a snake oil show than a Zen show. I thought Zen was about enlightenment and insight through meditation and spirituality, not something for profit and trade!

I am perfectly OK with complementary approaches to symptom control, but this just sounded like a circus side show. Hopefully, you got some entertainment for your money!

Jan Smiler

There are a lot of snake oil salesperson types out there selling so called holistic natural treatments and products. I think it is okay to talk to these people but definitely listen with a grain of salt. Be especially wary of those who are selling acupuncture and massage treatments.

I took the deposition of a guy a few months ago and he told me he owned a health store specializing in blood and colon cleansers. Once he said that I subjected him to some very detailed questions about his inventory of products and what they were designed to do and how he marketed them. The answers I got back suggested to me that the guy was an inner city merchant selling placebos as cures to uneducated immigrant types. There are a lot of vultures out there that use unfair trade practices to prey upon poor immigrant communities, and they go from state to state until the law catches up with them and either puts them in jail or strips them of their ability to stay in business.
Jan, Ct,
My mom was hugely credible and gullible when it came to 'alternative medicine' and miraculous treatments...She spent thousands (that she didn't have) on people who took advantage of her and her pain (fibromyalgia + post-polio syndrom)...I would scream, yell and beg her to walk away but she never met a snake oil salesman that she didn't believe in...
I guess that is why I am such a her dying day she had glasses full of water & stones that sent 'healthful vibes' around the house, pills, pills and more pills filled with only God knows what, mud, chalk, creams, lotions etc that were all supposed to cure her.
She tried to have my soul & spirit cleansed by a voodoo witch-doctoress one year...I found myself naked in the shower being rubbed with raw meat, sprinkled with a white power and dried herbs (I was marinated and ready for roasting!)while she chanted at me and sprinkled me with oil.
She wanted me to take it all (a block of white powder and a brick of herbs...hmmm...Crossing international borders on a plane!) back to France...I had visions of customs agents, beagles and police all jumping me and my trying to explain that it was to chase the evil spirit away...
Mom had a sense of humour but didn't know it.
For now I am saving up for a massage chair and a new matress...But the oscilating plateform may just have its merits.
My hip pain has been chronic and acute for years...I get flares when I overdo it or when my guts doctors think that it is a combination of sacroilitis, subluxations,adhesions, gut inflamations and various other posssibilities...for now, when it is not flaring, I take NSAIDs (Ibprophene 400 2xs/day) and when I am flaring badly they put me on opiates and naproxin...right now I am flaring like crazy, knocking my head against walls and rolling and screaming on the ground...(or close to it)
I find the long walks help, running hurts, climbing stairs in proper workout gear with runners helps, climbing stairs in work shoes with a purse and work bag hurts a lot!
I am going to visit my Rhumey to see what he has to offer...for now they have prescribed physiotherapy massages, ultrasonic treatments, infra-red heat etc...still no real relief but it isn't as crazy painful as last week.
If you have any good suggestions I am up for them.
I was on pred from the age of 9-11 or 12...not sure if they gave it to me again as a teen but it is very possible...the Kinesitherapist that I saw on Fri says that there is a partial dislocation of the right hip alone with the rest of the problems...apparently he can't put it back in directly but must work on the muscle groups first...til then...ouch.

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