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Ally. I hope you start to feel better really fast!  When did you have your surgery?  Who ended up doing it?  I hope you are okay with your decision because as you know it's a major one.  I'm really worried that Jeffrey is going to lose his.  Personally I think it would be easier on him after listening to everyone here.  Good luck to you and get well quick!  It's summer, you should be enjoying yourself!


What did Dr. Milsom say he found in there? With his experience, I am sure that if there was a better solution, he would have used it. Do you have an end or loop ileostomy? While I know this is not the result you were hoping for, you seemed to be resigned to ostomy as a likely result.


Hopefully, this will open a new chapter of better health for you! Best wishes.



Thank you all its been a horrible few weeks. Well, Dr M found no adhesions, not one! The only thing that all the doctors could find wrong was chronic refractorary pouchitis and it matched all my symptoms, crazy gas, distended, dry heaves, sickness, etc. every time I ate. So before the surgery I gave him permission to do what's was needed as this was something that all my Drs were discussing. I just hope the disconnected pouch gives me no trouble. I never want to go thru this again! And yes I am so upset Mentally this has taken a toll even thou I knew I was a walking time bomb. My GI kept me going for 15 years. Maybe in a few weeks when I heal I'll be in a better state.

Ally, I'm happy to hear that things went well!  Don't think of it as the ostomy won, think of it that you won!  You won back your body, your sanity, your health!  You should be okay with this diversion.  Jeffrey has been doing pretty well with his ostomy back..  He is eating, way too much, put on 30-40 pounds in 8 weeks.  Personally, it's too much weight, especially with his liver being compromised.  But he feels much better.  Hopefully you will to.  You will get your life back.


here is to hoping you are back on your feet and enjoying life really soon!



Jeffs Mom how long did it take Jeffery to start to feel better. 5 days I still feel sick, tired, hurt, no appetite, blah, anixious, etc. My intestines hurt especially when it comes out. I still have the tube in holding it open. IM scared when they pull it it will stop working. The first time around I had a lot of stool this time I feel I'm not producing but everyone says I'm fine. 

Today, it just all hitting me. Had to take a Ativan. Need to mentally get my act together after all this. 

Ally, i don't really remember, but I do know he continued to lose weight for another month. He slept a lot and was still on heavy pain medication for at least 3 weeks.  Id say he experienced what you are for at least 3-4 weeks.  When we went to Disney in May, he was still tired, so we really paced ourselves based on what he needed.  If you need the drugs, keep taking them.  Don't worry about being addicted.  Jeff had been on 60mg of Dilauded for almost 6 months!  Among other things.  We were lucky, he got off all the stuff within a month.  By the time I left for Florida on April 15, he was just about detoxed from all the pain meds.  And like I said he was on stuff of almost an entire year.  

Also, keep in mind, you have been through a lot of surgery.  Everything is going to hurt.  I think Jeff had a drain in his belly as well. Just rest a lot and everything will he fine.  You might be expecting too much from yourself.  Feel Better really soon!  dianne

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