My first surgery is this Monday at 7:15am. Yale-New Haven Hosptial has cleared my operation after canceling over 900 other elective surgeries because of the coronavirus. The nurse said that I will be taken great care of as they are looking for something to do.   :-)

I am nervous, not about the surgery, but what lies ahead. The unknown. How will my body react to everything? Will there be complications? 

Must put my faith in God. He will see me through. I must remind myself of Isaiah 41:10....

Fear not, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

I first read this when I was visiting my mom as she lay dying of cancer. While she was sleeping I opened my bible on my phone and this was the verse of the day. I had been feeling overwhelmed at the time...... 


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Remember that it is going to be tough in the beginning, but things will get better.  Keep clinging to the hope of your faith to give you the power and strength in the days ahead.

Best wishes to you and prayers for a speedy recovery! It takes time but you will get there with some good days and some bad. 

Try not to worry about what is ahead. Accept that it's going to be a bit rough, so you'll remember to be patient with yourself and the team. You're in the physical hands of your surgeon and the nursing team now. And they've done this many times. Rely on your ostomy nurse because he / she will teach you how to care for and change your temporary bag. When you wake up from surgery, you'll have all manner of tubes, bags, and maybe a catheter for urine, sticking in your body. Remember that as each day passes, a tube will be removed, until you're no longer tethered to anything. Freedom! You'll only have the ostomy bag attached to you, and you'll become expert at changing it until you have your takedown surgery. Did you pick up a plastic bidet bottle? I packed mine for the hospital stay. That bidet will be your best friend in preventing Fire Bum. I also packed a pair of washable (or just dispose of) flip flops for walking (shuffling) around the hallway. Best wishes.

Thanks, everyone for the encouragements! And thanks Winterberry for the bidet idea! I'll just have to keep my head down and plow through. I'm thankful I've got Irish blood in will help to have a bit of stubborness to get through this...LOL

Hi Asa

Not sure if they will have these when you are at Yale, but they gave me a package of soft white disposable cloths.  They really helped with cleaning the skin around the stoma.  They gave me extras to take home.  If they still have them, see if you can get an extra package or two,  My Ostomy nurse who came to my house was great!  She was with Masonic Care.  I had three step so she came both times, for the two different stomas, but not for takedown.

I had my surgery at Yale New Haven and it was exceptional. The surgeon and nurses were great. Hope the surgery went well. Take care of yourself especially since the virus is going around. 

Asa Lay,

Thinking of you and sending healing vibes . Hope you are doing well.The first couple of weeks are difficult,  strange and at times scary and frustrating.  Reach for your faith . Ask for help ,ask lots of questions even if they seem foolish and let loved ones help . I know for me detrimanation, humor along with turning to God is what got me through the hard days .You got this .

You're going to feel much better once you get rid of the inflamed colon!  Try and walk asap after surgery (even the same day if you can).  The soonest walkers are the soonest released.  When you get home, make sure you sleep on a chux or some protective pad.   A nightime leak is annoying, changing and washing sheets is really a pain.  If you can, order your first stoma supplies before you leave the hospital, deliveries are slow these days, and you don't want to get caught out.  You'll probably need a prescription and to contact your insurance company. Update us as soon as you feel up to it. 




Developed a problem with chronic dry mouth from surgery onward. The last 3 days have been hell. Tonight will be the worst. Their limiting my fluid intake AND I'm getting a least I can rinse my mouth with water just don't swallow and limited juice amounts. If BG gets too high I lose the juice so I am limiting the amout....

Asa Lay , How are you doing ?  I hope things have improved for you . May the angel Raphael be at your side and help you heal . Hang in there , it does get better . 🙏

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