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Unlike some others, I've had the issue of gaining too much weight.  I have developed back issues and must have surgery, but my surgeon wants me to lose 50 - 60 lbs. before surgery. So, I'm wondering what has worked for others regarding weight loss?   I've started a program, and have lost 33 lbs in 5 weeks. But, I'm having just straight liquid bm's - no form at all.  Guess I'm concerned that this program may be doing a number on my system.  Any thoughts?

BTW, I just passed my 20th anniversary of my initial j-pouch surgery. 

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Have you tried adding soluble fiber (e.g. psyllium) to bulk up your stool? That might be all you need. I’d avoid the sugar-sweetened ones while on a weight loss regimen, but Konsyl original mixes up pretty well as long as you shake it rather than try to stir it. If you can’t stand the plain old psyllium, Metamucil makes an artificially sweetened one.

First of all, congratulations on losing 33 pounds! That’s awesome! 

I had my single stage surgery in 2016, and went into the surgery already wanting to lose 20-30 pounds. The first 9 months afterward were torturous, with small intestine failure resulting in 10 days with an NG tube, constant trips to the bathroom, etc. Yet somehow, despite the feeling that everything that I ingested ran through me at lightening speed, I frustratingly gained 50 pounds in 6 months! I’m not sure how  I managed to glean enough nutrients to maintain my weight, let alone pack on the pounds. 

Anyway, long intro there. Last month, I decided to finally do something about the weight. My J-pouch is much better behaved (and has been for a year). Prior to February, I was counting and severely restricting calories, exercising, etc. All that effort did was keep me from gaining more weight.

But last month I decided to follow a strict ketogenic diet. It's been a totally different experience for me. I’ve been losing over four pounds a week, and I rarely get hungry. My cravings for sweets are almost entirely gone, which is amazing, since I have quite a sweet tooth. But the effects on my pouch have been positive, which has been wonderful. I have even slept completely through the night a few times! 

Has anyone else had any experience (good or bad) with a keto diet? Either for weight loss, or for other health reasons? 






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