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I have been losing weight since my last obstruction July 2021 then December 2021 Until January 2022 Covid.   I lost my taste and smell so I wasn't eating much.  I just can't gain my weight back. I am down to 105.  I didn't have my scope since before Covid so I was due.  Biopsies negative and pouch looks good.  The usual problem inflammation at the stem of pouch, still have UC.  I just can't maintain enough food to gain.  The more I put in the more comes out.  Any ideas would be appreciated.       

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Same boat here too. It really bothers me. Dropped down to low 90s during flare leading to colectomy. On TPN. Regained to 112. Still too light (5’6”) but acceptable and felt good. Then dropped below 100 lbs again during the fiasco of stage 2-3. Have made it back to 105 like you where I seem to be stuck. I actually feel like I eat a fair amount though clearly not enough. My theory is ongoing inflammation (for me a sinus tract and possible smouldering infection) is preventing weight gain. Inflammation expends calories and can also lead to general malaise and lack of appetite.

TF, you might need to try to get the remaining UC under control, if at all possible, in order to gain. Easier said than done I know. It sucks.

Find whatever you can manage with the highest calories. Protein/calorie shakes can be helpful. I also try to minimize activity and anything that is going to burn calories. Take calories anytime you can even if it's a small amount.

I also use cannabis to help encourage me to eat as I struggle with even wanting to eat. I have been around 100lbs before but I should be around 180lbs, currently 165lbs and trying to gain back 15 more.

Good luck

I went out for dinner tonight for a family birthday and two others had either a jpouch or ileostomy bag and both said they can't gain weight and the one with the jpouch was very thin and in and out of hospital .but my weight has climbed so fast I had to intermittent fast for 16/8hours and stop drinking  and start doing 10000steps a day just to slow it down.I still eat too much but only seem to see slim people with these conditions.I do prefer being overweight to slim but would rather be in the middle and healthy.

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I really wish I had the same issues. I am struggling to take weight off. I am 5'5" and male and should be 170 pounds accounting for my body type but instead I am over 200. It's a real struggle. My blood pressure has crept up, knee issues have developed (osteoarthritis not helped by the extra weight), sleep apnea and other issues have developed, and some ED issues have arisen I didn't previously have when my weight was lower. This is all not good. It's metabolism and not the J pouch, although how your body's metabolism adapts to the J Pouch may be another issue.

If I eat badly I immediately gain weight. I am talking carbs and sugars. And I also struggle with my portion control. Part of that problem is that I am a foodie by nature and have great difficulty controlling that tendency to curb my curiousity on trying new and different foods.

Part of my problem is a lack of activity and I suspect if some of you dial back your activity and become couch potatoes for a few weeks you will see the weight come back. I am not advocating coach potatoism long term - just short term to put on some pounds. Grab a bad of potato chips and some beer and watch the basketball games the next two nights. Throw in a little Netflix. No activity other than sitting on the couch!!!! At halftime of the basketball games, run out to the local convenience store and pick up a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream and eat it in one sitting. Do these things and if yo don't gain weight, then there is a serious issue and you need to see doctor and nutritionist.

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