Hi all. I had an emergency colorectal surgery back in February where my colon was removed. I lost a lot of weight while I was hospitalized for a month but have been able to gain it back. I am about to go for J pouch surgery next week and I am curious how many people experienced weight loss during the recovery time. My surgery will be done in one procedure versus the two or three. I am worried about gaining more weight due to not being able to work out. If anyone has any advice on how to avoid gaining unneeded weight it would be much appreciated.

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If your normal mobility is restricted due to the recovery from surgical procedures, then cut down on your food intake until you mobility returns.

Unless you’ve attending gyms in the past to tone up or develop muscle definition and mass, there should be no reason to visit a gym to control your weight; as your normal level of activity and food intake should be balanced, thus the amount of food ate should be of a sufficient quantity which matches your level of activity.

Unless suffering from a medical condition, weight gain will only occur when your appetite is bigger than your level of activity.

I worry about my weight also.  But you can begin walking right away and that is a good workout.  Also - you will be back in the gym in no time.

My doctor advised to not worry about some weight gain but rather to focus on recovery.  The added pounds could be addressed later.  

Hi I lost weight after takedown. Currently trying to stop the weightloss at least. If I can gain again that would be a dream come true. I went from 143 to 110 pounds

Hi, I lost a bunch of weight after my first surgery due to my bowel not waking up and moving stool. After the second stage was much better and I had no problems.

Your metabolism will stay the same most likely, so if you put on weight easily that will likely continue. I always struggle to keep weight on.

Do as much walking as you want until your doctor says it's ok to do more.

I went from 220 down to 183 and am holding there one year after my first surgery. Going for takedown on Wednesday so I’m assuming I’ll drop a few lbs right away again

I lost 22 lbs after take-down and tried to gain it again by eating lots but was not able to. Then, a few days ago, I put on 7 lbs and my weight seems to be increasing. I was wondering if my bowel had been in shock for 7 months and has only just recovered. I read on here that someone else had gained weight after 9 months apparently for no reason after trying to gain weight for months.

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