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Hello all.  I am not sure where to start.  I have had my pouch since Nov. 2019.  Since then I have had a rollercoaster ride with it. 

Some days good, other days not.  But things have settled down, to some point. 

I have found that if I drink lots of fluids, my output is watery.  This aspect is good as I feel fully evacuated.  But, I still go on average 10 times a day.   This includes 1 trip at night.  If I take any bulking agents, I do not get fully evacuated, and go the same amount or more.  And I tend to leak out during the day with the bulking agents while doing any activity with the slightest movement it seems.

But my biggest struggle is nighttime leakage.  I had a recent pouchoscopy and it determined I had a mild case of Pouchitis.  After a course of antibiotics, I had a few good nights.  No bathroom trips and no leakage.  But now, back to the same night time routine.  1-2 trips at night and leakage.

The amount of food or timing of eating in relation to when I go to bed do not seem to make a difference.  I can eat the same food, same amount of it, and one night have issues, the next time no issues.

The one thing that has changed since the Pouchoscopy is no more urgency to go during the day.  Before the antibiotics, I had a feeling of urgency.  I could hold it, but had the urgent feeling.  Now I feel like I have to go but not the pressure in the pouch like get to the bathroom soon.

I welcome any help and advice.  I researched on the site, but did not find anything that directly mirrored my situation.

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