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I was under the assumption that I would be having my takedown at the 3 month mark. Spoke to surgeon today and she wants to push it back to 5 months since I had complications after the first surgery and she had to open me back up not even a week from that point. How serious is the possibility of having complications with the takedown if I decide to do it now?

I ask because my hopes were up so much, and now not so much. I guess two months isn't as long to everyone else as long as it is to you.
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I don't know about your risks if you go forward now. However, if your surgeon is against it, it is not a good idea to try to pressure a change against her recommendations. It is sort of like leaving the hospital against medical advice. You are taking over your case in that instance and putting your surgeon in a bind. It is possible she may refuse and that just makes things awkward for the both of you. Worst case scenario, she signs off your case and you have to find a new surgeon.

I can certainly understand your disappointment and it is reasonable to ask your surgeon to explain further and answer the question you are posing to us. They usually have very good reasons for postponing a surgery because they want you happy too. But, they also do not want to invite a lawsuit by not doing the proper thing. There generally are no damages for being cautious, but there are if you are perceived as being reckless.

Just my two cents.

Jan Smiler

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