Is anyone using Visbiome?  As I understand, Visbiome is the original VSL3 formula and being sold by the researcher who developed VSL3.  If you aren't using either probiotic, are you using another probiotic and what is it?  

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I was stricktly using vsl3 but when the price jumped up and this whole Visbiome thing came known I got some to try.

So far so good, it's a little different, comes in a more foil packet but otherwise it seems to be the same. Only been using it for 15days and only been off antibiotics for a few days now due to a possible pouch flare or I was just getting sick either way I was back on. So hopefully I can stay off the antibiotics and Visbiome does it's thing. I'm taking 1 packet twice daily but I will go back to once a day soon, only doing it twice because of antibiotics twice daily.

Good luck on your search, if everything goes well I will finish this Visbiome and order more while I finish the vsl3 I have left.

The current VSL #3 formula has apparently never been tested at all, though they claim to be doing some tests. It hasn’t been proven to do anything - it’s an imperfect copy of the tested formula. The tested formula was (at testing time) called VSL #3, and is now marketed as Visbiome. This is a confusing mess.

Can someone on this forum PLEASE explained the difference between VSL#3 DS (Double Strength), VSL#3 and Visbiome??? I have been taking the double strength for 4 years due to antibiotic use (Cipro every other day for chronic Pouchitis). My Pharmacist just told me that their Manufacturer is NOT carrying it anymore (the VSL#3 DS). I pay an arm and a leg for it but this combo works. I have metastatic colon cancer and I try to stay as positive as humanly possible and I’ve been doing a great job of it. But now I’m NERVOUS. I NEED Probiotics to survive and live a somewhat productive life. Plus I just became a first time Mom Mom so how can I be anything but happy?!  Scott F ... I would love your input. And THANKS IN ADVANCE!


VSL #3 DS (sometimes called VSL #3 900) comes only in packets with 900 billion CFUs (essentially live bacterial cells) per packet. It requires a doctor’s prescription, and is sometimes covered by insurance. Your pharmacist is in error, and it’s still manufactured, but it is very hard to find because the big wholesalers aren’t carrying it any more, and it appears to be unavailable in Canada. I can still get it at Sam’s Club. This product is apparently an imperfect copy/knockoff of the original product that was so thoroughly studied.

The single strength formulation of VSL #3 is exactly the same product in smaller doses/packaging. The packets contain 450 billion CFUs, and the capsules 112.5 billion. It can be purchased directly from the manufacturer if your pharmacy can’t get it: . The show a way to order the DS form also, but I don’t know how they are handling prescriptions.

Visbiome is a new name for the original, well-studied version of VSL #3. It’s packaged like VSL #3, and similarly requires a prescription for the 900 billion CFU packets. Insurance companies that have made an exception to cover VSL #3 DS will likely never have heard of Visbiome, though.

Thanks Scott. The thing is ... I cannot take the pill from.  Actually if you have a j-pouch it is unlikely that you are retaining  all the live bacteria (CFU’s) that are needed especially if I am taking Cipro ... then 450 is not enough for me personally. 

What do you suggest I do?  I take 2 packets a day.  4 of the regular VSL IS JUST TOO TIME CONSUMING plus it’s not all getting into my body all at once. My Gastroenterologist told me he didn’t want to chance it with the lower dosage. I can’t afford C-Diff. Who can?  Plus if I go to the bathroom any more than I do now would result in more weight loss.  ugh.... I’m only 95 pounds now. 

Scott F .... I just read all about Visbiome and the lawsuit. I am going to call my GI doc and ask him to write a script for Visbiome for me. Most pharmacies carry the Extra Strength powder.  Go onto their website. It’s AWESOME and explains everything. Very interesting and surprised that Gastroenterologists don’t have this information. Kinda scary!


Janie, I also take a lot: 4 packets per day of VSL #3 DS. Thank goodness my insurance covers it! If you are paying the full retail price then you can comparison shop and try to save some money that way (the prices can differ a lot between pharmacies!). I suspect you will get similar results from VSL #3 and Visbiome, but that’s just a suspicion. VSL does have some savings programs (which I use):

If your purpose is to prevent C. Diff then you might get good results with Florastor (S. Boulardi), which is much cheaper than VSL or Visbiome. If your purpose is to manage/reduce pouchitis (like me), then VSL or Visbiome are likely to do the best job.

I don’t really understand what you mean about it being time consuming, though. I just mix it up in some yogurt before/with breakfast and dinner. It takes longer than a pill, but not all that much time. Four packets of regular strength would take exactly as long as two packets of double strength. I sometimes get tired of yogurt twice a day, but that’s a very different issue. It’s certainly true that it’s not all surviving the stomach acid/Cipro/J-pouch challenge, but at a dose of 3.6 trillion per day some of the bugs are probably doing what I need them to do.

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