I've been on VSL3 for years.  My most recent batch tastes weird and now I've been having frequent, large volume of liquid stools.  Wondering if it's a bad batch.  Anyone else with the same experience?  What other probiotics are people taking?


Also -- the page format has changed since I last used it.  How does one search by topic?


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I've never had a bad batch of VSL. Maybe stop it for a few days and see if anything changes? A few days off from your probiotic shouldn't be significant. 

The search function can be in a couple of places. It's most hidden on mobile devices, under the stacked horizontal lines at the upper left corner. 

I once had a bad batch before and it tasted alot like this one tastes.  Will call VSL3 on Tuesday -- just wanted to see if anyone else had experienced this.  The packaging has also changed so it could be that they've changed the formulation.



The lot #s change all the time. If you post a picture of the packaging I can compare. If the product is exposed to heat or just unrefrigerated too long the appearance changes. Have you noticed a difference?

formulation has changed -- my pharmacist called and confirmed.  That's why it tastes awful and caused a huge increase in my output.  They told my pharmacist they've been getting lots of complaints about the taste.

yes i found out that now they are making it in Italy not use i also got sick i don't know what to do taste awful i took mine back to pharmacy any ideas what to replace it with and anyone has a doctor in ny that knows about j pouches and that are accesible if you need them have been on cipro for five years can't seem to get off has a special diet helped  i have seen BO SHEN BUT NOT EASY TO GET TOO AND EXPENSIVE ALOT OF ULCERS WHERE MY J POUCH IS CONNECTED  THANKS

VSL#3 has always been made in Italy. 

Debbie, I take Align, but it is a single probiotic strain. It is known for helping with IBS. My husband takes it too. I think it is more shelf stable than VSL#3.


I've just filled a new prescription, and the packaging is indeed very different (it's more compact, which is a good thing, but the smaller packets are a bit harder to empty). The product itself seems slightly more powdery and prone to becoming airborne, whereas the previous product was more granular. I started the new stuff this morning and hope I don't reproduce Scallop's unpleasant experience, but I'll post either way.

I've been taking the "new" VSL #3 DS for over a month now, and for me the efficacy and tolerability seem identical. The minor inconveniences I noted above require some adaptation. I do like the more compact packaging, and I suspect my pharmacy does, too.

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