Random thought... Could VSL 3 be used as a suppository?

I have taken my fair share of suppositories & they were Large, Hard, & pointy. 

I take Mesalamine enemas with tremendous relief. Right now I’m so inflamed I can barely get them past my anus.

a VSL capsule could easily slide up there... no? Good or bad idea. I’ll try it and report back if I get some motivation..

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It seems logical that rectal administration would get the probiotic bacteria directly to the target area. Over the years a few folks have posted about administering VSL as an enema, but I haven’t seen any long-term successes described. I’m not sure the capsules will dissolve appropriately. Suppositories are usually made of material that melts at body temperature. I wouldn’t expect capsules to do much harm up there, though.

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