Has anyone taken, or farmiliar with VSL#3 ? I am looking for any success stories, or any negative feedback about this probiotic. First hand experience, or even a great article on it.  So as to make an informed decision about my future treatment, and pouchitis.

Thank you all..........keep fighting the good fight !!

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There have been many discussions of VSL #3 here, and a simple site search would provide you with tons of information. In my browser a magnifying glass icon is where Search lives.

I use a maximal dose of VSL #3 DS (4 packets/day), and I’m convinced that it helps keep my chronic pouchitis at bay. I was able to persuade my insurance company to cover the prescription-only DS (double strength) formulation.

I used to take VSL3# DS just after my takedown for like a month . Then I cut it out slowly. It was great in not letting build up of excess gas and I felt good. I slowly cut it down . Now I take no meds . There is some gas but I think my pouch and intestines are slowly absorbing more and I can hold much longer. Havent had any pouchitis so far or a blockage so its pretty much the same. But yeah its a good supplement overall in digesting foods when you are bulking and when you eat big meals. Give it a try nothing's bad about the med.

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