Does anyone else get VSL#3 on prescription in the UK? I've been getting it for the past 10 years but have just been told it's been withdrawn and not available anymore. They've recommended just to take an over the counter probiotic instead, despite me explaining that VSL was developed specifically for those with UC/pouches. Was wondering if it was still available to anyone else, my GPs practice has a history of being a bit rubbish and getting things wrong.


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Considering that Visbiome is the original formula, you should feel comfortable taking it in place of VSL. And it is available in the UK. Of course I'm not a doctor, so you may want to look it up or talk to your doctor to confirm before you take action. Good luck!

I take symprove (which you order online from the UK).  Might be worth checking that out... There was research done (I've posted it a few times on here previously) about probiotics not reaching the gut, VSL and symprove were the 2 that did..

As above visbiome is the original VSL or the med VSL was based on... If that's available perhaps go for that!  Will probably need to fund it yourself though (as I do with symprove).  Docs are cutting back on meds avail on the NHS, with over the counter stuff being the ones to go.  It can cost NHS 10 quid for a strip of paracetamol which costs around 50p in a super market, same for allergy meds and eyedrops etc... God knows how much they get billed for a couple of hundred quid worth of probiotics... Corporate dealing gone mad.


Hopefully they don't cut loperomide.... That stuff is essential and pricy/hard to get hold of over the counter in bulk

Hi Figi.

I'm in the UK and had to really fight 5o get VSL#3 on script. I contacted Crohn's & Colitis UK who advised me to get my specialist nurse to write to my gp practice. They gave me links to specific articles for her to quote. 

Then....hey presto, I got a repeat script. Having said that, as I understand it, due to some legal wrangle, it is now called VIVOMIXX in the UK but my script altered to this without me doing anything.

I'm not claiming benefits so I pay for my scripts with a prepay certificate. Good luck.



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