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I have 3.5 boxes (almost 75 packets) of VSL#3-DS. If you take it and live around Dallas/Fort Worth, you can pick it up from me. I don't mind driving a little if it helps you out. You can PM me.

I have switched to Align. My j-pouch didn’t like VSL too much.

I would like to give preference to uninsured person or if your insurance doesn't cover it.

The DS is simply a double dose, so if you use regular dose, you can take half a packet a day and it will be the same as regular dose.
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Usually within 30 minutes after taking VSL, I have to go to bathroom and, usually only a little bit would come out. For hours I would feel I have to go but don't feel emptied. Also, first several day of starting VSL, I had excess gas and high frequency, which improved over time.

With Align, I don't have those issues. I don't have to time it because I can take and leave home immediately. Whereas, with VSL, I usually don't leave home for an hour or so. Align has no impact on my frequency.

Hope this helps.


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