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I was wondering if anyone has a problem with absorbing vitamin D3.  I am low on it and took capsules for awhile and tried liquid too. But some of my symptoms that I had when I was told my D3 was low seemed to have returned. What does everyone do as far as taking this what form do you take it in?  I have heard you can also take D3 melts. Is there any other way?  Thanks ahead of time!

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It can take some time and a few tests to figure out what dose you need. My body seems to need 5,000 I.U. per day. I just swallow the softgels after lunch. I space it well away from psyllium in case there would be any binding by the psyllium.

Thanks Scott...I am due to go back to the doctors I am sure they will be doing more tests on me.  I am taking 10,000 IU for a few days and then going back down to 5,000 to see if that helps.

The normal range on Vitamin D is 30 to 100. Keep in mind the best natural source of Vitamin D is sunlight and, for most people, 30 minutes a day maintains a sufficient level. People who live in rainy or cloudy climates may suffer from Seasonal Affect Disorder which is related to vitamin D deficiency and causes mood swings.

I take 5000 iu Vitamin D daily and that keeps my Vitamin D in the normal range which is 30-100. I get blood tested quarterly due to both Remicade monitoring and thyroid cancer monitoring, and in the past 8 years I only got low on Vitamin D once.  The level has returned to normal.

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