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New here! Looking for expertise on Visbiome - my surgeon and his office aren't up to speed on it. Few questions:
  • For pouchitis, I was prescribed the capsules - 2 capsules 2x/day, but now see the Visbiome pamphlet seems to only recommend the powder packets for pouchitis. But, it says 2-4 packets/day for "maintenance or prevention" - what about for active pouchitis? Are the packets better - and how many a day? (side note - the Flagyl helped immediately and I'm feeling good at the moment...)
  • I'm on Flagyl (3 times a day for 14 days), it says to not take Visbiome within 4 hours of antibiotics. That seems impossible when taking the antibiotic 3xday. I suppose I'll need to take a Visbiome dose in the middle of the night. Any other tips?
  • For maintenance and prevention of pouchitis, do you all take the packets - 2-4/day?
It's an expensive supplement to not use in the ideal way!
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I take a maximal dose of the very similar VSL #3 DS (4 packets per day). Since I’m also on antibiotics the timing was tricky. I experimented with once per day dosing (of Cipro and Flagyl) and it seemed to work as well as split dosing, so I take my probiotic at breakfast and dinner, and my antibiotic at bedtime. Maybe ask your doctor if less frequent antibiotic dosing would be okay?

The capsules are a much lower dose then the packets. Most pouchers are taking one or two packets a day.  It's really what works for you. Most of us also seem to only end up on antibiotics twice a day, I would take mine morning and evening and the probiotic at lunch.

I take one packet a day for preventative maintenance and I up the dose to twice if I am feeling unwell and after antibiotics.

Hope this helps, good luck.

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