I recently wrote a long post a few weeks ago about some symptoms I've been having over the past 5 months. The severity comes and goes, as does the nature of the symptoms, but right now I am dealing with urgency (due to pressure and internal burning when stool makes its way towards the rectum) as well as internal burning during and after bowel movements. The symptoms are worse in the afternoon as my frequency of bowl movements increases (albeit only slightly). No blood.

I had a pouchoscopy done a month ago, with ZERO signs of pouchitis or cuffitis. Everything looked perfectly healthy. He said the burning is due to hemorrhoids, and prescribed Proctodan HC ointment. Well, not only is the ointment not working, but it burns upon application. (side note, I do not have fissures either). The hemorrhoids are also internal, which to my understanding, should be painless. The thing that does tend to work is visbiome at the MAX recommended daily dose (4 packets per day). It is keeping my symptoms at bay, but as soon as I try to taper down towards a lower dose, my symptoms immediately return. Within a day. But again, I do not have pouchitis, so I'm not sure what is going on. Does Visbiome have any secret cures for which they cannot advertise? Perhaps it has a positive effect on another condition that was not technically part of their studies? I just want to know what the hell is going on. Thanks in advance!

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You could just have bad gut Flora and visbiome is helping to relieve the issues caused by that. Although the doctor doesn't think you have pouchitis with typical signs you may, I don't present with regular signs but I was surprised when antibiotics and probiotics worked for me.

Hopefully you can figure something out. Good luck.

Thats interesting. I was awake for the procedure and I, myself, saw that my pouch looked pink and healthy without a blemish in sight. But I can't shake this feeling that without the probiotics, my stool is acidic and flowing through my system much more quickly. So I appreciate your insight!

I’ve gotten my insurer to cover VSL Prescription strength, but it took a year-long fight. I haven’t been brave (or foolhardy) enough to mention Visbiome to them, and without a diagnosis of pouchitis I would have lost that fight. Most insurers seem to not be covering these any more, based on postings here.

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