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Question for my friends out there.

my GI prescribed Visbiome instead of Florastor.

I took my first dose of the powder last evening. Not sure what caused it, but I had diarrhea all night long. Of course I am exhausted today.

has anybody had similar reaction to the visbiome and if yes, did you continue with a smaller dose until your body adapted? or discontinued or something else?


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Visbiome is completely different from Florastor - Visbiome is a mixture of probiotic bacteria, and Florastor is a strain of yeast. They serve very different purposes. Unless you’re taking just one or two caps of Visbiome it’s a *very* potent probiotic, and your system needs a chance to adjust. If you follow @Former Member’s advice to introduce it slowly you’ll probably start to tolerate it well, but there are no guarantees. Visbiome is likely to reduce the frequency and duration of pouchitis for many folks. The very similar VSL #3 kept me off antibiotics for about a year, and (at a very high dose) it still seems to make my antibiotics more effective. Are you clear on what your GI is hoping it will do for you?

I take my probiotic (VSL) twice a day in some Greek yogurt, with fruit (usually blueberries and/or bananas). I’ve grown to like it that way, and the probiotic is undetectable, though I’d have yogurt less often if it weren’t medicine.

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