I have a j-pouch (since 2008) and I've started to catch more colds and viruses now that I have toddlers.  When I get one that impacts my gut, I've noticed that I am not able to naturally "recover" from the diarrhea without medical help (e.g. cipro)

Currently I caught something from the kids that gave me diarrhea for four days.  Getting dehydrated, I took a 500mg Cipro pill (per GI recommendation) and my symptoms stopped within a few hours of taking the first pill.

I would like to avoid over-taking cipro.  Does anyone else here take short-term cipro, for just a day or two, to treat something viral that is not pouchitis?  I've noticed that people with "normal" GI systems may receive three cipro pills to treat "travelers diarrhea", rather than a 10 or 14-day course that can be prescribed for pouchitis.  Would three pills make sense for a j-poucher who has viral-caused diarrhea (no pouchitis)?

I'd run this by a doctor too, but I'm curious what folks thoughts are.  I don't want to take a full pouchitis dose for something that isn't pouchitis. Thanks

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Rocko, I’m glad you found something that works for you. Cipro is no longer considered a particularly good choice for Traveler’s diarrhea, just as it’s no longer recommended for simple UTIs, since safer alternatives exist. A couple of days of Cipro are unlikely to do you any harm. An even safer thing to try would be a high dose probiotic, which might similarly rebalance your gut bacteria. It probably wouldn’t work as quickly as Cipro, though, if it worked at all. 

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