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Wow! For sure NO CORN, SALAD *LETTUCE, OR  RAWCARROTS OR CELERY! I was hospitalized for 5 days this summer with a blockage from. Carrots and salad! I don't eat tomatoes either. Nothing with residual fiber.  No beans, green beans broccoli! I do eat cauliflower and carrots i if steamed  until mushy, potatoes NO SKINS. I drink V8 and take lots of replacement vitamins.  This is just me. I never want a total blockage again! 5 days of excruciating pain and a $22000 hospital bill! Take your time.. move forward with veggies carefully!😢❤

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Hello Members,

Ive had my pouch now for 5 weeks and wondering what veggies are safe to start eating at this point. Hoping to see what works at this stage of pouch healing.  Just looking for a few pointers to steer me in the safe direction .


Start with low-fibre vegies, peeled and well cooked. Just try a little at a time. Remember to chew throughly or cut or slice things up so there won’t be any accidental swallowing of a large lukp of mushrrom, for instance.

At this stage, you probably want to stay away from raw vegies or salad-type things e.g. lettuce.

In general j-pouches do improve noticeably over the first year, in terms of the range of things you can eat and BMs, so don’t be worried if you have to eat pretty boring meals for a while – it is likely to improve as you heal and you bowel adjusts.

Best of luck with new pouch!

True, everyone is different. When I started to add veggies,  these were ok for me in small quantities and accompanied by other very digestible foods (rice, eggs, white bread, yogurt):

Zucchini- peeled, seeded, diced & well cooked.

white potatoes- no skin.

avocado - small amounts at a time

asparagus tips

clear strained homemade vegetable broth give me some of the vegetable benefits (and just pleasure of cutting them up) without the fiber. I made the mistake of thinking it's ok to blend the veggies: no such luck.  Great soup, but my husband ate most of it .

Have been thinking hard about the need for a a J-pouch first year cookbook.   If I ever get around to it I'll query this group for suggestions on what to include.

Maybe I was blessed, maybe not. I was not told there was a “list” of foods to avoid. I was given a list of foods that could increase or decrease output. The dietician basically said to take it slow and start with soft things. I was eating fruits and vegetables before my discharge on my 7th post op day of my 1-step.

The main thing to remember is that mostly you will have some increased output and/or watery stools as you adapt to a more varied diet. An obstruction is always possible, but is more about whether your intestines twist than what is going through. Smaller meals are best. Obstructions at the ostomy site are most common. Also, if you see undigested food in the bowl, don’t worry about it. It is just the undigestible part of a plant and you still are getting nutrition.

Here is the dietary guidelines page of this site:


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