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Has anyone found a vegetarian option that works for someone with a j-pouch? My husband had his surgery in 2003 and usually needs to eat meat-based protein to make it through the day. The rest of our family eats vegetarian sometimes, and I was hoping to find a meal that might work for everyone. I can't do seeds, nuts, beans, or tofu for him - things commonly offered as protein options in vegetarian recipes. If you have any go-to cookbooks or websites or favorite recipes, I'd love to hear them.  


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I dont know if you classify dairy as vegetarian. If he's ok with dairy then I'd say yoghurt is the best source to get in some protein. Lentils, spinach , broccoli, peas,chia seeds, quinoa, oats, soyabean/ soymilk is there to get some protein from vegetarian sources. If he's a regular guy with no serious goals then one serving of any of the above will meet daily protein needs. Nut butters are easier on the pouch you can give them a shot too. Start slow and see if it holds. 

I don't know how strict of a vegetarian you are, but eggs are a good option:
Quiche, Omelette

Or maybe, Eggplant Parmesan, fettucini alfredo, pasta with olive oil and garlic, Greek pasta salad, etc.

You could also consider Indian recipes. . .curry cauliflower, etc. Dahl is really good, but it's a bean dish.

My go to vegetarian cook book is:
"America's Test Kitchen - The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook"

ISBN-13: 978-1-936493-96-8

A couple of example recipe titles: Poblano and Corn Hand Pies, Hummus (bean dish though), Portobello Panini, Mushroom and Leek Galette, Ricotta and Spinach Calzones. . .


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I have found that eating foods from plant-based proteins (e.g., soy and/or whey protein isolate) increases the frequency of my bowel movements. This is frustrating, as my wife and I have been trying to move toward a diet that is less meat-oriented. And I'm concerned that the increased frequency of BMs means less absorption of nutrients from those protein sources. Have others had this experience?

In developing any diet, you have to be mindful of not only supplying your body with proper nutrition, but also whether your digestive system can handle the chosen diet. The latter is a trial and error thing. I am leery of any diet that relies on vegetarian sources of protein. Too many people I know, with regular digestive tracts, ended up protein starved and with weight loss because they attempted to foist on their body a diet that didn’t give it the amount of protein it needed. Forcing abandonment of the diet. Those of us with J Pouches have the added issue of digestability and absorption of what we are eating.

i can handle a vegetarian diet in terms of digestability  - it doesn’t really increase my transit time and in my opinion it helps me evacuate more fully and cleanly. However I don’t rely exclusively on vegetable sources of protein and eat nuts, eggs and chicken and fish.

In my mind sugar is the biggest concern dietarily for any J Pouch patient, followed by processed carbs. These need to be the biggest areas of concern in fashioning an appropriate diet.

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