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I had my proctocolectomy in 2013 and a C-section almost exactly a year later in 2014. (I don't recommend this, btw...)


I had the C-section at the instruction of my surgeon, who said I should have them to avoid the risk of tearing my sphincter and consequent incontinence.


However, my baby ended up being small (5.5#) so I doubt this would have been an issue. I also don't relish the idea of having the same scar opened up multiple times, so I'm considering trying the next baby with vaginal delivery.


I'm wondering your experience delivering naturally after J-pouch surgery? Have any of you done VBAC? Obviously I plan on consulting my OB-GYN but I wanted to hear thoughts from all of you.

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I did VBAC after my first born was c-section. This was 8 years before my j-pouch surgery. had I known a j-pouch was in my future, I probably would not have done it, but that was back in 1987, when VBAC was all the rage. Nowadaysit is not recommended, as c-section is now safer for both mom and babe than VBAC.


First born was under 8 pounds, but was breech, so that was the reason for the section. Baby #2 was nearly 10 pounds. Labor stalled in the final stage and outlet forceps were needed. Long story short, I wound up with 4th degree lacerations. They healed fine, but I now have pretty serious rectocele and cystocele. No significant incontinence yet (28 years later), but I do have concerns as I age.


Do what you gotta do, but be sure to be prepared to switch to a c-section, as there are many obstetrical reasons for it that can come up at the spur of the moment. Lots of women here have had successful vaginal births after j-pouch surgery.



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