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Anybody get diagnosed with this?


I just found this out a few hours ago. I had an MRI done this week because i felt a mass behind my vaginal wall and wondered if it was pouch related since they are next door neighbors. Anyway, GI said my pouch was fine but that I needed to see my gyno because I had some cystic lesions. The gastro folks obviously can't make a non-digestive diagnosis, so now I wait for my next appointment, which is in a week.


It seems like treatment for most types of cysts is biopsy, then depending on the biopsy results either leave it alone and monitor the size OR remove by surgery. Is that an accurate summation?


I am trying VERY HARD not to catastrophize but I'm honestly really not sure what to feel or think.


If anyone has gone through this and can kinda give me a rundown of the potential rollercoaster I am to anticipate, that'd be cool. 

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Hi, my story goes somewhat similarly to yours - I've had these painful lesions down there that have been bleeding for two months. I had to see my gyno because GI didn't think it was their area, but then I had an MRI that showed an anal fistula that's causing my lesions (just found that out today) so now it's back to the Gastro because it's IBD related. I was told that these types of things aren't catastrophes so don't get too worked up! Sometimes medications can help and if not surgery can hopefully fix it. If anyone has any information about this I would love to hear as well.

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