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Hi girls,

I have been recommended to be booked for a c section but if I go myself before then to try a vaginal birth.
the scar I have that already looks like a c section scar has been used twice, once to remove my bowel and a second time for the joouch.

i just wanted to ask for advice on the situation? I’m hearing there can be issues after vagina birth with incontenance , has anyone experienced this? Or that it’s risky as it can mess with the work that’s been done.
then I’m also worried a c section may do the same.

any advice appreciated

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Hi there! First, I think either way, you’ll do great so it comes down to your preferences and desires for birth. I had 3 vaginal deliveries after my j-pouch surgeries and didn’t have any issues with my pouch. The risks associated with a vaginal delivery are primarily related to tearing during delivery— in the event of a third or fourth degree tear, a repair could be more complicated given our anatomy. My providers took a few extra precautions to reduce the risk of a tear as much as we could: no vacuum or forceps (I would’ve gone to an emergency c section if I had needed one); avoid episiotomy, but if I had needed one, they were going to cut it mediolaterally to direct the tear away from my rectum; and warm compresses on my perineum during pushing. I believe going unmediated can reduce the risk of tearing further, but I had an epidural 2 out of my 3 deliveries, for the record 😊

Happy to answer any questions, and good luck!!

Like susbo said above, go with whatever YOU feel most comfortable with and I’m sure it’ll go great. I had two vaginal births before my jpouch and the ob was pushing me to go that direction. I had severe anxiety throughout that pregnancy which obviously doesn’t help anything lol For me it came down to I trusted my colon surgeon more than my ob so I went with his recommendation. To his credit, I asked for his two cents so he definitely was not pushy in saying a c-section was the way to go. No regrets with the path I chose.

Having a voice and being surrounded by people who I trusted and who trusted me were incredibly healing. My 8 surgeries for my colectomy and pull-through led to severe medical PTSD.  I knew I needed a lot of emotional support no matter how my baby came. I gave birth at Stanford where they had all the skill and staffing to freely support my trying for a vaginal delivery. I transferred from the smaller hospital closer to my home because they wanted to schedule a cesarean birth at 38 weeks because otherwise they couldn't be sure they would have the surgeons and GI people they might need. at 41 weeks I was induced and labored for 3 days before my daughter was born by cesarean. The pain was pain, but I was so surrounded by support, that it was fine. My bowl shut down and it took a week for me to pass gas which was hard. That was more frightening and emotionally triggering, but the postpartum staff and my community continued with the emotional support and that really made the challenges bearable.

Obviously not everyone has PTSD from their previous surgeries, but I would encourage you to set up really solid emotional support for both types of birth and then no matter how your baby comes, you will have resources to handle the ups and downs of being a new parent. Enjoy your tiny person!

Just don't give birth in a state that doesn't have complete health care for women, with some aspects outlawed.  Physicians have incomplete training in those states and are less likely to understand how the body works.  Also, in restrictive states, many qualified and knowledgeable health care providers have moved to free states due to ethical concerns.

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