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I have a pouchoscopy tomorrow and was told to use 2 fleet enemas two hours before my procedure. I have never done a prep for these scopes other than not eating the night before. I have also never used and enema and am at a loss for how those of you with a pouch administer them. I have read you need to lay on your left side, but that seems to be just to get it into your transverse colon. Do we have to do that still? Can I just sit on the toilet and do it instead? Also, how long does it take to work?

Any advice is much appreciated!
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Basically you are just rinsing. It does not matter what side you lay on. Sometimes I just bend over and administer it while standing up. Plain tap water is best (the concentrated saline can dehydrate you). I dump the Fleets and replace it with warm tap water. Then I administer, repeating until it returns clear.



I found it more comfortable laying on the left side.   I'm right handed.  Standing was more difficult for me. It would be difficult to do it sitting on the toilet.  No room to administer it.  You can do it on your bed.  Just put a towel down beforehand.  You'll know why. 
That's a good idea Jan.  Never thought to replace the liquid.  Warm water would do just as well.

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