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My K-pouch is 19 years old and needs revision. Has anyone got info on Dr. David Dietz at University Hospital in Cleveland? Is he good? Is he honest? How did your surgery go? Do you have any complaints or know of any complaints about him?

Any info you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Yes, I posted raves about Dr Kiran in NYC in 2018 and I will be updating those posts shortly but I will not have him do surgery on me again.


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Dr. Dietz did my K pouch surgery in 2015 when he was still at Cleveland clinic. I have no problems with him or the surgery and highly highly highly recommend him. Any Doctor who has since looked at the valve and pouch says it was an excellent job. Everything about the manner in which Dr. Dietz handled discussions and after care was excellent. During the surgery he noticed a considerable amount of scar tissue and extended the surgery to remove all of it.

Jan, thank you very much for the quick reply and the very affirmative news about Dr Dietz. I'm in NYC and have a video-appointment with him on Feb 1st.

I've been really, really lucky --Dr Fazio created my K-pouch in 2002 and the only work I needed for a long time was when the valve slipped in 2018 and Dr Kiran here in NY did a great job repairing it. I am very concerned, however, about what Dr Kiran did to my pouch and valve recently, when the valve again became problematic. Glad I could come to this site and ask about Dr Dietz because the trust we have to give to these surgeons is pretty absolute and not every surgeon deserves that.

Dr Dietz has been amazing. I’m in Chicago. On a couple of occasions I’ve had to call his office after-hours to leave a message for the on-call resident. Both times he called me back personally within 15 minutes. He has a very calm and confident demeanor. He is thorough. He took time to remove additional scar tissue he found and coated the area to slow the growth of additional scar tissue. I had 7 major surgeries before meeting him and had never heard of that. Feel free to email me ( if you want to hear more details about him, his team, and the facility - UH Cleveland. I highly recommend him. Good luck!

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