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Hello folks.

I need help (kind of starting to freak out)

I had my J-pouch surgery 11+ years ago.

Over the past many months, i have been having severe gas symptoms and occasional tummy ache. It kind of subsided when I stopped milk.

But since early Jan, tummy ache and acid reflux symptoms were back and i tried apple cider vinger with water in the morning which seemed to help a lot.

Over the weekend, my little ones had stomach flu. I didnt have any vomitting, but had a really really bad night of tummy ache and severe gas, along with constipation (for one day).

Now, constipation is mild, but the stomach ache is acute (comes and goes). I believe its random times, as I tried not eating, and giving my tummy a break, but doesnt help. I am burping a lot, my upper abdomen has mild burning sensations. Am eating mild foods, nothing fried and spicy.

Should I be worried? I dont want to google and freak out (I do tend to stress). I have sent message to my Gastroenterologist.

Any of you had similar symptoms and managed to get better? Please let me know,



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I have had these exact problems and although I don't have the energy right now to type much please see my posts as they will be very helpful to you. 

I am nearly 2 years post take down and still having severe gas, the best thing to do is take a hot bath with hot tea and let it rip until you feel relief. Gas-X doesn't stop gas however it helps break down small gas bubbles into large ones that are easier to pass. Seriously though, read my posts you will find the feedback from others very helpful.


A member here also suggested I may have SIBO which can be create with antibiotics and diet and SIBO can cause to severe gas.


Let me know if you find anything that helps, I have tried cutting out dairy, gluten free, vegan, no added sugar, you name it. 

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You may be experiencing a partial blockage, you would feel bad and would cause "constipation" and the other symptoms. You may still be partially blocked. I definitely think you should consult with your GI.

When I have had partial blockages I usually get on a liquid diet to help things out. Make sure to keep moving to help things along. I also end up taking antibiotics because pouchitis usually follows. Pouchitis also seems possible, I feel similar but not actually constipated.

Good luck

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