Boyfriend had surgery 15 years ago and he’s stuck on eating only the foods that he knows he can do. Basically it’s carrots, potatoes, white rice and bland meat plus rice ... and way too much white flour/sugar IMHO. He has flare ups for no “apparent” reason but thinks visits to his doc outside the five year suggestion are unnecessary. Dont food allergies shift with time, with or without this surgery?  Y’all seem to be eating more creatively!  I need food ideas plus how to help guide versus nag. 😢

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Although I'm not as convinced about the 'food allergy' idea, I would share your humble opinion that the higher starch/sugar intake contributes to pouchitis.  I don't know if there is actually evidence to suggest this but I think I remember reading it somewhere on the University of Massachusetts's IBD diet where people who ate higher starch, sugar (including fruit) had greater pouchitis incidence. If he's eating those foods for thickening, I can offer my humble opinion again for what it's worth...psyllium or metamucil does a good job of thickening the stool. 

(The IBD anti inflammatory diet of UMass is for Crohn's and ulcerative colitis but I think it makes sense for j pouch as well. It's an updated, expanded version of the Specific Carbohydrate diet. They are research focussed also which I like. They also recommend a particular probiotic which has the same strains as VSL 3 but less potency. I've moved to it as I just can't afford VSL anymore.)

It's hard to make recommendations for other people though. I know I can get pretty stuck in my own ideas and am scared to expand. Good luck with it all.

Wishing you both well. I might have added that I use a heaping tablespoonsof psyllium husk after 3 meals and before bed mixed with a little water. Alot of people prefer metamucil as it dissolves in water while the husks are a bit like drinking sand! (Also some have questioned the wisdom of the before bed one as it likely gets me up on the night. But, like I've said, I can be stubborn and stuck in my ways. Maybe just experiment.)

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