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I have a question. Before your surgery to create the Jpouch, did any of your doctors stress how there was a chance it couldn't happen because of scar tissue?

My surgeon has been doing this surgery for 10-12 years. Other surgeons and my wound care people from the first surgery keep telling me he is "brilliant".
He has never had one of his reversed but he has reversed other surgeons work. And he did tell me he had one patient that none of his scar tissue tricks worked.

I'm just wondering how much of his warning is to prevent a law suit later. I do live around a high frivolous lawsuit area.

I am wanting to get a 2nd opinion also. But how does that work exactly when he says he won't know if I have too much scar tissue or not until he gets me on the table?

I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong forum. Hopefully I'll be regular here after my next surgery. :-)
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My Colorectal surgeon has always given me warnings every time he has taken me into surgery...warning me that he wouldn't be able to do the pouch (I have a k pouch), that he wouldn't be able to do it in 1, 2 or 3 steps...and then every time that he took me back in for a repair has warned me that I might not have enough intestine to fix it or that I might end up with an ileo if things go bad...they have no choice...they must be honest because the facts are the facts...They really do not know what they are going to find once they get in there and it may alter their ability to do what they promised to do.
It is not just a question of experience or skill but a question of adhesion but also the rest of your anatomy and biology...
I have been fortunate that he has always kept his promises but there may come a time that he won't be able to fix me...
I consider it honesty and not a disclaimer. The only surgeon who never warned me of a possible negative outcome turned out to really be incapable and unskilled.
Hope that this helps.
I have a k pouch and not a j pouch (which is what they are giving you)...yours uses the natural biological exit (the anus), mine does the k pouch they have to build a one-way continent valve out of your own intestines to prevent things from pouring out...and that valve can be delicate if not well treated or for a number of other pouch (the original one that is 33yrs old) is doing just fine (knock wood!) is the valve that has had its share of problems and therefore requires some work...(plus I have D'Heler's-Danlos syndrom which means that my body does not heal very well and often requires redos)...also the k pouch is attached to the abdominal wall and I am hernia prone so you can see where that would cause problems..
For the rest, quite honestly, I would not worry too much...a good doctor/surgeon always warns you of the potential risks of surgery and the possible outcomes that are inherent with our to him/her if you are concerned or having doubts.
Hugs and good luck
ps...Stress is very, very normal before these surgeries

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