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Hi everyone! Last time I went to see my GI for my check up we discovered that I had lost around 10 lbs from my original 120 lbs. being as i am already sort of small that was kind of a shock being as i've been trying to gain weight, not lose it XD. I haven't been doing anything different eating wise or activity wise. My GI didn't really have much of an explanation either :/ So, with that being said, have any of you ever experienced weight loss like this? If so what did you do to try and fix it? i'm pretty sure it has something to do with the "no large intestine" thing but i'm not what else to try to help me gain the weight back. Thanks

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Kait2000 posted:

 i'm pretty sure it has something to do with the "no large intestine" thing 

It has nothing to do with the “no large intestine” thing. I have had no colon for 26 years and I consistently struggle to avoid weight gain.  Same as before I had surgery. And despite being very sick with UC.

There usually isn’t an inocuous reason for losing weight. If your appetite is good, and you are eating a proper and balanced diet, it shouldn’t be happening. Metabolism, diet, and undetected or untreated illness could all be factors. 

Your GI should have ordered full blood labs to check for anything amiss. If I were you I would have suggested it.


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Some people it easier than others to put on weight and others struggle with having to put on even a lb. If you're naturally big its very easy to gain weight. But if you're small you may have to put in some effort. I think exercising for half hour daily (weighlifting or strength training) with a balanced diet helps to put on healthy weight. You may not gain alot that way , it'll definitely make you look and feel better and it has far more benefits than just increasing carb intake to go big for a short while.

CDUB, you sound like me.  I had my takedown about 2 1/2 years ago and I just maintain my weight.  When I was at my worse, I weighed 80 lbs. and ended up in the hospital and on TPN and appetite stimulant.  Since surgeries, I have been up to 105 at best but typically weigh just barely over 100.  Just recently started adding a nutrition drink for a snack hoping that will help.  Also, cutting down on sugars.  Of course,  people I know want to give me a few of their extra pounds.  Other than weight, I feel healthy and have enough energy to do what needs to be done.  I’m semi-retired and work 2 days a week with toddlers.  Keeps me busy!

Thanks everyone. I am at a minimum weight for my 185 cm .
The situation we are worse when something eat the fat, and then have diarrhea for several days. I can not define what exactly stops me, it happens to me often. But in the left part of the stomach I feel a change (not pain), I can not describe it with text. Could it be good to make gastroscopy to see what the stomach and duodenum are? Does anyone have a gut or duodenum ulcer, what are the symptoms?

I've had problems gaining and maintaining weight since I had UC and my colon was removed in my early 20's. I'm now 48 yrs old and still cannot budge over 125lbs.   My so-called "ideal weight" should be around 135-140lbs.  For those who say "just eat more", that doesn't work.  For years I was accused by doctors of having anorexia because I had gotten down to 86 lbs at one point. It is so frustrating when people suggest just eat, eat,'s not always easy to force feed yourself, just like I'm sure it isn't easy for those who are overweight to just stop eating.  I know people mean well, but still!  

I agree with the other post about eating peanut butter. I try to eat a lot of protein and carbs, and I also drink GNC mass gainer in order to add a little extra calories to my regular daily intake.  I can't make the calorie shakes with the recommended  amount of powder because it tastes too much like Ensure (which I learned real fast to detest after forcing myself to drink  when I was sick), BUT, I figure that any extra calories are better than none.  Mix with milk instead of water if you decide to try it. Good luck gaining! Don't forget that the large intestine weights about 4 or 5 lbs. I try to remind myself of that when I get discouraged about never seeing the 130's again.


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