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Last night, I had a very unsettling experience after smoking a cigar tobacco product, and I was wondering if something funny was in it, or whether it possibly interacted with one of my meds (currently taking xifaxin, pentasa, and donnatal). I thought smoking was supposed to be good for IBD????????????

Here is what happened. Keep in mind I never smoke, but I went to the Yankees-Mets baseball game at Yankee Stadium with a client and some mutual friends and we got to the game early. He suggested we smoke cigars and I figured why not. I felt fine while smoking the cigar but immediately afterwards I felt a slight buzz and although I had nothing to eat since Friday morning, when we went to dinner before the game I had ZERO appetite. We went to a diner near the Stadium and I ordered a salad but I had absolutely no desire to eat any food at all or even nibble at it. In addition, I felt strange and also had a feeling like I had to go to the bathroom but couldn't. I had popped a donnatal and then I started burping up the tobacco smoke/fumes. Fortunately I was able to enjoy the game, only had some bottled water during the game and my hunger finally kicked back in about 11 pm or so after the game and we stopped at a diner on the way home in CT and I ate a bacon and egg sandwich.

And it was kind of funny because I have been out with these guys many times socially and they know I am a voracious eater and they kept asking me what was wrong knowing or sensing something was amiss, and there was something amiss, until after the game. I can only describe it as an unsettled feeling in my stomach and body, and complete loss of appetite with an empty stomach.

I wonder if anyone else taking these meds ever had this kind of experience after smoking a cigar?
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I have not smoked cigars with my meds, but have on occasion smoked a cigarette when stressed out over the last year and when I do I always feel stomach sick after and have no appetite. It may just be the tar hit you in a certain way, esp with no food in your stomach to make you feel the way you did. I also notice my pouchitis symptoms seem to feel worse after smoking not better.
You have just learned the trick that hundreds of highschool girls have used for decades (And should not be doing!)...
When in highschool and wanting to loose a couple of pounds, we would smoke a cigarette...bam! almost immediate light-headedness, nausea, loss of appetite, dizziness and shaky leggs...I used to have a hard time climbing back up the stairs to go to class.
I am still a part-time smoker who goes through a pack a month...Every single time that I pick up a cigarette and smoke it I get the same effect.
Cigarettes on an empty stomach...wham! Much worse.
I think you guys are right, it was the fact that I smoked that cigar on an empty stomach that put me in that state. It completely put the kabosh on my appetite to the point that I shuddered at even nibbling on any of the food. Basically all the symptoms you mentioned Sharon.

I am someone who never smokes at all, let alone on an empty stomach, so this was a new and shocking experience for me. I will remember not to do it again.
As I mentioned, I never smoke anything and I have never spent any time in my life intellectually analyzing how a cigar should or should not be smoked. It seemed logical to me to inhale. I don't really understand the point if you do not inhale - unless it is to say or mean you did not really smoke, like Bill Clinton said with marijuana. I was always of the understanding that people smoked cigars. I never heard anyone say "I just puffed a cigar."

Obviously, I have now learned a lesson. The experience was shocking to me to say the least.
I guess that cigar smokers just assume everyone knows how to smoke them. Yes, it seems logical to assume you'd inhale, but cigars are not logical I guess. I suppose some "hard core" smokers inhale them. But, the point is that with cigars, it is about the flavor and you absorb plenty of the smoke, just letting it enter your mouth and being in the "cloud."

On a side note, since they are not usually inhaled, cigar smokers are less likely to get lung cancer, but they get mouth, tongue, lip and throat cancer. Smoking a large cigar is like a whole pack of cigarettes in regard to exposure to the toxins. Nice...

Jan Smiler
I think that only cigarettes and marijuana are routinely inhaled. I don't think pipe smoke is inhaled either.

I can't even imagine inhaling cigar smoke. One would think that it would cause an immediate visceral reaction and that reaction would facilitate the brain to intruct the user not to inhale for a second time or ever again.

If you were smoking with others, did you notice whether or not they were inhaling?

kathy Big Grin
I felt fine while smoking the cigar. It was immediately after I finished it that I began feeling dizzy, lightheaded and unsettled. By the time we had gotten to the diner I knew something was very wrong but I thought it would pass which is why I ordered food that I ended up not even touching (and felt appalled looking at).

I did not pay attention to what the others were doing other than that there were cigars in their mouths. We walked from the Stadium parking lot across the walkway and one of my friends mentioned there is lots of cops and in the past they told him to get rid of his cigars because we were near the railroad overpass area and I guess fires could be set. My attention was mainly focused on the cops and trying to keep my cigar discreetly out of their view as opposed to anything else. It was the most police officers I have ever seen at a Yankees game especially in the area in front of the Stadium which is nearby where we were smoking.
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I don't understand what the big mystery is. I always get sick when I see the Yankees; I thought it was standard.

Actually I got sick before the game at about 5 pm and by the time the game started at 7:15 p.m. was starting to feel better. Since I am a Yankees fan and the Yankees hit 4 home runs off Johan Santana including back-to-back-to-back homers, that made me feel even better,

By the time the game ended and we got back to CT, at around 11 pm, I was hungry and eating a bacon and egg sandwich purchased at a diner.
Looks like your health is dependent on whether or not the yankees win husky, hopefully they have a good season :P

I used to be a light smoker, a few smokes a day. I quit a few weeks ago, I don't have the lungs/body for it. And cigar smoke would make anyone light headed if you inhale it, even if you're a regular smoker. Picked up some cuban cohibas to smoke last time I was out of the country, still have one left to light up for a special occasion Smiler

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