I'm visiting friends in Colorado... The altitude is definitely different, much higher. Suddenly I have had unbelievable, intense bloating and loud, forceful gas. It's so painful and embarrassing. I am up all night passing this huge gas, and going all day to try to relieve it-- and yes, it's moving! It's loud and powerful and embarrassing and painful! It's keeping me awake all night. I'm desperate.

Is this pouchitis or something to do with the altitude? I have been careful to stick to my normal diet. I started my emergency cipro two days ago. This is unbelievable. Please help! (No fever, no pain other than the horrible gas pain.)
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I forgot to add... Metamucil isn't helping much at all either. It thickens the bowel movements but the gas is still so bad that my abdomen distends and sticks out with this gas so much it looks like I am pregnant. This all started after my flight to Colorado. I dont really remember this happening last time I was here, last year.

I just had to get up to go pass huge amounts of gas three times in the last half hour. It's 3:30 in the morning. I hope someone here can help.
It could be the flight itself that messed you up. Air travel always seems to wreak havoc on my guts.

My sister used to live in Denver and I do not recall having any problems like you are describing when I went to visit her out there. However, while I was out there, I drove to the top of Pike's Peak and I suffered traditional symptoms of altitude sickness which required me to leave the summit pretty quickly.
Higher altitude should not cause more gas, but I suppose it could make it more uncomfortable. I think the more likely suspect is food poisoning, bacterial overgrowth, or pouchitis. When we travel we encounter bacterial strains we are not accustomed to. Duble dosing of probiotics may help, but a course of Flagyl or Cipro would probably be quicker. Since you've already started your Cipro, relief should be around the corner, unless it is the wrong antibiotic! You should see results within 3 days if it is the right treatment. You can try adding Pepto Bismol to the mix, since it has antibiotic properties.

I never take Metamucil, as it just increases gas for me.

I never travel without Flagyl anymore.

Jan Smiler
Thanks all. I think it is pouchitis. I also think the cipro is finally kicking in. Thank goodness. Sometimes it is hard for me to realize I feel ill when I'm busy worrying or thinking about other things. I started the cipro twice a day and I am starting to feel normal again. Phew.

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