I've been in immense gas pain for 2 days now. I use the bathroom and I poop but no gas comes out. I need to pass gas so badly because it's so painful but nothing comes out, only poop. What can I do? I'm desperate. 

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How long are you sitting for? Have you tried keeping your knees higher than normal while having a bowel movement?

Gas is the least likely thing to get stuck, but it can certainly back up. I often sit for 20 minutes just to make sure I am fully evacuated. Sometimes the gas takes its sweet time to finally get there but it does.

You may be experiencing pouchitis if you are feeling extremely gassy. You may also want to try and cut out anything that makes you gassy, sugar, carbonation etc.

I have that problem alot. I lay down on my stomach. Then, I take my hand and place my palm on my waist line. If it is still not working I push gently up on my abdomen. That, for me at least, relieves the gas. This might not be the best thing to do but it's what I have done for 10+ years. I hope you can get some relief from the gas pain. It's the one thing that always bothers me.

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You're right. It's pouchitis. I forgot to take the second dose of probiotics on Monday and that night I started having issues. I'm ordering cipro and of course doubling up on probiotics as usual. I'm even bleeding now I hope this is over quick. Thank you for making me aware. 

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I'm waiting for it to be filled and I can pick it up after work but what can I do now to get relief? I'm in so much pain

I walked in to my GI's office because it is across the street from where I work I'm not expecting anything because I don't have an appointment 

Is it low in your pouch? Not up higher like an obstruction? Not being able to pass gas normally (on the toilet sitting) is my first sign that I am getting cuff or prolapse issues at my rectum Laying on my left side and waiting for the gas to shift usually works. If not, or if it lasts, it means I need prednisone. Another option if you aren't really able to empty your pouch normally is to ask about a catheter. I just got one on Dr Bo Shen's advice and tested it It worked great even though its not exactly pleasant. I didn't have any urge to go and still emptied A LOT. 

You still have a lot of air in your pouch/intestines? Or is it just sore and bloated? Walking can help if you are able to empty your pouch. I think you should eventually absorb the gas and the bloating will go down NG tubes suck, I'm sorry. I hope you start to feel better soon. 

The NG tube does suck... The last 2 times I had a partial obstruction (at least I believe it was) I went on a liquid diet and tried to get a good bit of walking in and managed to stay out of the hospital and not suffer the NG tube. Good luck, you will get through this.

I find that if I lay in the on my left side then role to my right and back to my left, I can pass gas. Make sure you have a pad there to catch any liquid that may come with it. The only problem is in work you have no place to lay down.

Since I wrote this, I've been able to pass gas three times. I'm afraid to soil myself so last night I put on a diaper. This morning I had to press really, really hard to get air out. I didn't soil my diaper but man, it was hard to push. I wonder why. I did the candle stick dilation my surgeon told me about and this makes me able to go better. I'm still learning everything with my j-pouch and I'm writing it down so I remember what helped for later. 

Try grape juice for blockage.  It has to be 100% grape juice.  I keep it on hand now always.  It’s something in the sugar that helps you go and pass gas.  But don’t drink a lot at one time.  Also laying on your left side helps me out a lot.  I take Levsin/SI for my gas everyday.  It has been my life saver for years now.  It just goes under your tongue.   Look into it.  It was my life saver.  Good luck.  Things do get easier.  

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