Ulceration and Mild Chronic Inflammation within the pouch

AARON posted:

They won't give you anything? Sounds like you need some IBD meds.

That's right nothing; she put in a letter 'with his history I do not think this is pouchitis and would not prescribe antibiotics today'. 

If they go through many years of 'they do not think it's pouchitis'; then of course it becomes the norm and part of my history.

But these are the same professionals that removed the bit of bowel that absorbs vitamin B12; then failed to diagnose for 3 years that I needed B12 Injections. In the 3 years I had regular follow up visits for pouch check up, but no mention at all of B12 Injections. 

Even when I visited A & E 4 times; still not diagnosed (I listed 15 symptoms I was suffering), then I wrote to the CEO of the Trust. Eventually got a letter from a Doctor telling me I need to have B12 injections for ever. I know the body stores at least some B12, but not 3 years worth.  

There is so much more. I might have to write a book.


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