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Hi all,
My daughter (dx UC three years ago) was supposed to have a colectomy in June but weeks before she flared badly and her surgeon preferred to attempt to stabilize her. This led to more pred and 6mp. We are now weaning down and waiting and watching as usual.
In the mean time, she had a capsule endoscopy done.
In the past, scopes have always confirmed UC (pancolitis). Ileum clean but with some mild gastritis and last year some histological duodenitis. We were told this was perhaps caused by steroids, was normal in many non IBDers, was normal in UCers ("non specific inflammation") etc.
Her pill cam results were "no lesions indicating CD". but they found some inflammation in the stomach "mild nodularity" and I think three very small erosions in her duodenum.
Any thoughts? If the 6mp doesn't work we are back at surgery and at this point i am just trying to confirm the dx as much as possible.
GI is not worried but I am.
Anyone had anything similar? What were you advised? What was the outcome?
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