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I had an apt for a flex scope on this past Friday. My doctor cancelled. (we had ice).
I got it rescheduled for the end of Jan today.
My questions concerning this:
1. No sedation, twilight, or any kind of meds at all are being offered. How bad will this be pain wise?
2. They told me to use a fleet before coming. Previously I was told I can't do that because I have a J Pouch with a little less than an inch rectum. Then I have seen on this board where some of you have mentioned using a fleet before. Is there a special "nozzle" fleet I should look for? (I don't recall ever having done one for any reason so I'm not the most informed on this)
And my other topic I have a question about...
I suspect I may have a retracted hernia in or around my old stoma site. I was going to ask my surgeon about who to see or what to do about it last week but with that apt being cancelled and it takes an act of congress to talk to him or the nurse, I thought I would ask you. What doctor should I see to have this looked at initially to see what is going on and if it is a hernia or something else? I have an apt with my primary doctor for a check up/yearly exam in a few weeks. Would that work? (My friend went to the ER when she had hers and that is a bit much in my opinion. Plus the last time I went the ER, they kept me for 6 weeks so I like to avoid it at all costs)

Emergency surgery (removal of colon) in March 2012.
JPouch creation and hysterectomy Nov 2012
Take down Feb 2013.
Very few complaints or issues since take down. Other than BAD weight gain that I can't get control of regardless of exercise and diet. Stress related. (any ideas about that?!?! I was holding my weight WELL before the stress hit. Now I'm 20 lbs bigger than I have ever been in my life and no matter how many calories I count or how many trips to the treadmill I make, I can't lose any! And I can't quit work to reduce stress... And I thought I was fat BEFORE I got sick. Little did I know...) Smiler
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I buy the child's enema and appreciate the smaller nozzle. I don't use any sedation for the scope. I enjoy watching the procedure on the T.V. screen above me. The only discomfort seems to come from the filling of my pouch with air in order to get a better luck. It's not painful.....just a bit uncomfortable. It lasts only a few minutes.....followed by the passing of all that air! Best wishes!

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